These Frida-Themed Birthday Parties Put The ‘Feliz’ in Feliz Cumpleaños

Gone are the days when a birthday party meant a simple sheet cake from the corner grocery store and a pre-packaged “pin the tail on the donkey” banner. These imaginative Latinos are taking it to the next level with the help of the one and only Frida Kahlo.

Frida was known to rock bright, bold colors, literally from head to toe.


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So why not have your guests walk into a kaleidoscope of colors?!

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Nuestro festejo en el condominio!!! #fridakahlo #fridaparty #festamexicana #mexico

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#FridaParty con mis chulas!

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Everyone looks fantastic in flowers crowns, tbh… mujeres *and* hombres.

We are OBSESSED with the little hammocks, the banners made out of the same pattern as your abuela’s tablecloth, and the frames hanging from the branches of this willow tree.


You will never look at “Happy Birthday” banners the same way again.

Everything is coming up flores with this arts and crafts corner.

I will be adding this beautiful Frida piñata to my shop mañana! ???

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We, too, would be this happy if our mom was a super mamá and let us have a flower crown instead of a birthday tiara!


That Frida tablecloth is everything. ? on following through with this theme down to the last detail. #YouDahRealMVP ? ? ?

This child is so lucky to have her face next to la reina del arte mexicano.


#Blessed. ? ? ?

Frida, we’re gonna let you finish raining down candy on the kids, but this Donald Trump piñata is the best piñata of all time. Of all time!


When it comes to that Trump piñata, no no mas que le peguen, que le den un fregaso! In Pitbull’s famous words, dale que tu puede!

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7 Times Mexican Food Was Ruined Forever

food and drink

7 Times Mexican Food Was Ruined Forever

@bigtrucktacos / @capturing_disney / Instagram

Why you gotta break our hearts like this?

This is what enchiladas are supposed to look like.


Credit: @mylife_abeautifulchaos / Instagram

A dream covered in a sauce crafted from the gawds.

While these make you ask, “WTF’s going on in the kitchen?!”

Credit: @dunja.m.k / Instagram

Were these even made in a kitchen?

These tacos, tho. ?

Credit: @tacos_el_chingon / Instagram

These tacos, tho. ?


Credit: @hayesz_ / Instagram

Who doesn’t love some delicious guacamole?


Credit: @girlswhoguac / Instagram

We said guacamole, not this pea-filled abomination.

Credit: @tefox / Instagram

Fat, juicy, grilled: Yes, that’s a burrito.


Credit: @burritoboyzstreetsville / Instagram

Unless you prefer a… whatever you call this.

Credit: @revhuddersfield / Instagram

Quesadillas, when done right, are eeeeeverything.

Credit: @bigtrucktacos / Instagram

Sadly, some people don’t understand quesadillas are more than just tortillas and cheese.


Credit: @capturing_disney / Instagram

What’s more refreshing than homemade horchata?


Credit: @virginiavallejos / Instagram

Definitely not choking on some boba while slurping this ungodly drink.


Credit: @koalatcafe / Instagram

Elotes are one of the most sacred Mexican foods, right? (Right.)

Credit: @mr_phamous / Instagram

But it doesn’t mean that people aren’t trying to “improve them.”

A photo posted by Localwise (@localwisejobs) on

Credit: @locawisejobs / Instagram

Why are there rose petals in my food?!

It ain’t broke, so quit trying to fix my Mexican food. Gracias.

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