These Enrique Iglesias Fans Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime While In Traffic

Mega pop star Enrique Iglesias has been traveling across the globe on his “Sex And Love” tour since late 2014. Yes, 2014. Iglesias, who is set to close his 144-date world tour at the end of the year, has sporadically captured moments from his shows on social media. Recently, Iglesias posted a video that showed he’s willing to go the extra mile to give fans thanks for their support.

If you check out Iglesias’ Instagram, you’ll find arena flicks like this one, from Bulgaria…


… and this video from Croatia.


During a recent tour stop in Puerto Rico, Iglesias took a moment to acknowledge a few fans who had just watched his performance at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. It wasn’t at a post-show meet-and-greet. It was in the middle of a street. After the show, a couple spotted Iglesias in his vehicle. One of the fans exclaimed, “Oh my god, I need a picture with you!” Iglesias replied, “Get off, I’ll take a picture.” Iglesias and his fans exited their vehicles and took a few pics before parting ways.

Iglesias captured it all on his Instagram:


“These are the moments that keep me going!!! Muchas gracias #PuertoRico,” wrote Iglesias on his Instagram.

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