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These Mexican Dudes Wrote A Corrido For The Best Burger In Texas (And The Planet)

Credit: Aaron Alberto Barrios/YouTube

This is how we’ll order food from now on.

Shut it down. These dudes take the award for most ingenious way to order food. In the clip above, we see Aaron Barrios and his band riding in the back of a pickup truck as they go through a Whataburger in Roma, Texas, a small bordertown found in the South Texas region of the Rio Grande Valley (956 ’til I die!). But Barrios & Co. don’t order food like chumps. Nah, son, they place their order in the form of a corrido, accordion and everything.

As the San Antonio Express-News points out, this wouldn’t be the only time that this group has pulled this stunt.

The Whataburger Corrido filmed at the Whataburger in Roma.

Posted by Area956 on Sunday, May 29, 2016

Credit: Area956/Facebook

A second video of them singing their order was posted on Facebook on Sunday, though this time around, the singing was done inside the vehicle.

It might seem silly to arrange a song just to order a burger. Then again, if you’re thinking this, chances are you’ve never been to Whataburger. For the unfamiliar, Whataburger is a magical place found across Texas that makes all your dreams come true. It puts In-N-Out to shame, and I’m willing to bleed for that declaration. So if you ever find yourself in Texas, make sure you get the #5 with grilled jalapeños, toasted buns, and mustard all the way.

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Why Trump Is More Mexican Than My Mexican Tía


Why Trump Is More Mexican Than My Mexican Tía

Donald Trump has always reminded me of someone. He’s loud, brassy, opinionated and loves being the center of attention. Those words also perfectly describe my Tía Gracia after a liquid lunch. In fact, the more I think about it, the more it hits me that Donald Trump and Tía Gracia are pretty much the same person.

Tía Gracia tackily uses Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to get hammered on margaritas.

Donald Trump tackily uses Cinco De Mayo to reach out to Latino voters.

Tía is obsessed with her hair and spends hours applying enough product to rip the ozone a new hole.

Trump’s luxurious pompadour would not look out of place on a Tejano album cover .

Tía threatens to have her downstairs neighbor deported any time he’s blasting Ramón Ayala after 10 p.m.


Donald Trump doesn’t care what time of day it is.

Tía Gracia’s favorite movie is “Scarface.”


Donald Trump is “Scarface.”

No. Seriously.

Anyone who surrounds themselves with that much gold is either Tony Montana or a dragon in a “Hobbit” movie.

Tía Gracia loves showing off her gaudy costume jewelry.

Donald Trump loves shiny things so much his buildings have grills.

Tía Gracia has three jobs and is always broke.


Donald Trump works all the time and has been evicted from his own buildings numerous times.

Donald Trump claims he’s never used an ATM.

Tía Gracia has never used an ATM either. She keeps her money hidden in her altar to Jesús Malverde, who has an amazing head of hair just like… yep, you guessed it! Donald Trump.

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Is Donald Trump hiding a secret about his heritage? Mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below

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