These Celebrity Eyebrows Will Give You Nightmares

Kate del Castillo

Credit: @katedelcastillo / Instagram

Some have brows that connect to each other, Kate has a pair that connect to her nose.

Sofía Vergara

Credit: @sofiavergara / Instagram

She’s gorgeous, but those things need to be tamed.


Credit: @franchucea / Instagram

The potential was there… until her makeup artist decided not to fill in the corners.

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Demi Lovato

Credit: Getty Images

Those eyebrows can literally cut a bitch.

Naya Rivera


Credit: @nayarivera / Instagram

Why are those things nearly touching her ears?

Jennifer Lopez

Credit: Getty Images

Even J.Lo fell victim to the over-plucked brows.

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Christina Aguilera

Credit: Getty Images

Bold lips, bold eyes, bald brows.


Credit: Getty Images

Her eyebrows are so thin, you can’t even call that an eyebrow piercing.

Ximena Navarrete

Credit: @ximenanr / Instagram

Ximena, former Miss Universe, is known for having the ultimate brow goals, until this image resurfaced. Where’s the other half?

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