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There’s A New Movie About The Gray Areas Border Patrol Agents Must Navigate

“Transpecos” is an upcoming thriller that offers an uncompromising glimpse into the isolated, and, at times, hazardous lives of border patrol agents. To fully capture the tone of this unique world, Greg Kwedar and Clint Bently – the movie’s writers –  put several years of research into the script, and even moved to where the story was set so they could achieve their goal. When asked about their efforts, Kwedar told reporters, “Border Patrol is a very insular agency, and to push past the bureaucracy and into the hearts of the men and women who do this job we had to venture out into the desert ourselves.”

“Transpecos” is far from your typical tale of good versus evil, and instead relies on gray shades of gritty storytelling to achieve the level of authenticity its tenacious writers sought. “Transpecos” made its debut at 2016’s South By South West Festival and has received tons of praise from movie-goers and critics alike. Hollywood Reporter described the movie as, “Artfully made but wholly accessible for a mainstream audience, it features strong performances but no names in the cast who’ll draw attention on their own.”

“Transpecos” is currently set for a September 9 debut.

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