The Wall? Or Something Better? Take Former President Vicente Fox’s Twitter Poll

It’s no secret that former Mexican President Vicente Fox hates President Trump’s proposed border wall.


During the recent U.S. presidential campaign, Fox rarely held back his anger in interviews when the subject of the wall came up.

Now that Trump is president, Fox continues to fire back whenever he hears anything about the wall.

In a recent tweet, Fox asked his followers: “America, what would you prefer instead of that #FuckingWall?” More than 300,000 votes were cast.

Fox posed the question to Americans, but anyone in the world with access to his Twitter is able to respond. So please keep that in mind when reading the current poll results.

Many Twitter followers showed love for former Mexican President Fox in the poll.

Others on social media took a “glass houses” approach to Vicente Fox’s question.

Vicente Fox’s poll revealed that there are important issues other than the wall, but in the interest of fairness, we’ve created a poll with “The Wall” and a few other options.

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Are there any answers you would like to see in the poll? Leave a comment below. 

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