Here’s The Trailer For The New Los Tigres del Norte Documentary, ‘Jefe De Jefes’

Credit: Amateur Films / YouTube

“They like to tell stories about the people. That’s what makes them different.”

For decades, Los Tigres del Norte have been one of Mexico’s most popular and respected Norteño bands. Los Tigres, led by Jorge Hernandez, built a loyal following by writing songs about love, the struggles of immigration, and the U.S.-Mexico drug trade. They’ve won countless Grammys, appeared in movies, and collaborated with some of the most recognized names in music. But it almost never happened.

In a trailer for the documentary “Jefe de Jefes,” Hernandez says that as a kid, he dreamed of a much different career path. “I didn’t want to become a musician. I wanted to study,” says Hernandez. Directed by Olallo Rubio, the documentary features musicians, actors and academics breaking down what makes Los Tigres a once-in-a-generation band.

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