The Result Was Bad But These 17 USA vs Argentina Memes Were Too Good

The United States faced off against Leo Messi and Argentina in the semifinals of the Copa America Centenario and things didn’t quite go as planned. Days before the match, U.S. Soccer puffed out its chest after Mexico was humiliated by Chile.

But once the match started, things quickly went sour for the Yanks. Although the USMNT didn’t get completely dismantled like Mexico, they were thoroughly dominated by an Argentina squad that looked like it was on cruise control for most of the match. After Argentina opened the scoring in the third minute, all hopes of an upset by the home squad were quickly dashed when Leo Messi unleashed a spectacular free kick to put the game on ice. The USMNT ended up with zero shots on goal, but there were *plenty* of memes to be found on Twitter.

Although the first half only ended with a 2-0, it was clear Argentina was in total control…

So Crying Jordan made an early appearance in this first half summary:

Some USMNT fans realized they’d made a huge mistake:

While others lamented the USMNT’s futile attempts to defend versus Argentina.

Once Argentina scored a third goal early in the second half, some worried if it could get as ugly as Mexico vs Chile:

While others believed goalkeeper Tim Howard, who was on the bench, could have kept them in the game.

Once the game ended 4-0 in favor of Argentina, Crying Jordan remerged in full force. Here’s the old U.S. soccer logo…

Credit: @djddueces / Twitter

The new U.S. Soccer logo…

And the USMNT starting eleven versus Argentina.

Credit: @djddueces / Twitter

A new flag was raised.

Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t wipe away the tears.

Some people went back in history…

Waaaay back.

Credit: @StephenDFusco / Twitter

Mt. Rushover was given a facelift…

Credit: Chef_BoyarB / Will_Consuegra / Twitter

And people realized that Leo Messi was not to be messed with.

This Argentina fan was caught adding insult to injury…

And this Kanye GIF summed up how quickly the game turned for the USMNT.

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Dad Of Julio Urías Got A Tattoo Honoring His Son’s World Series Win


Dad Of Julio Urías Got A Tattoo Honoring His Son’s World Series Win

Parents always find new ways to be proud of their children and how to tell the world how proud they are. This includes Julio Urías’ father who recently unveiled his newest tattoo in honor of his World Series-winning son.

Julio Urías’ dad is showing off just how proud he is of his son.

Tattoo artist Andres Ortega Rojas posted photos on Instagram showing off the tattoo. Carlos Urías forever enshrined his sons victorious lunge after Game 6 against the Tampa Bay Rays while a tattoo on his left arm.

Rojas told TMZ that the tattoo took nine hours to complete and that is was Carlos’ first tattoo. The moment captured on Carlos’ arm is one that is etched into the brains of Dodgers fans. It was the first time the Dodger has won the World Series since 1988 ending a decades-long dry spell.

The tattoo is catching everyone’s attention.

People are loving the tribute made to his son with a tattoo. It being his first tattoo is even sweeter. We all know how much our parents are anti-tattoos so seeing this happen is extra touching. Julio is framed by the flags of the Commissioner’s Trophy in the tattoo marking what is clearly Carlos’ most proud moment.

The moment marks a culmination of a long journey to athletic stardom.

Julio first pitched for the Dodgers in 2015. The Mexican baseball player was called up to join the famed baseball team. Carlos and the family made a 13-hour road trip from the Mexican state of Sinaloa to Maryvale Park in Phoenix, Ariz. It was after that long trip that Carlos got to see Julio on the field pitching against the Milwaukee Brewers.

It just goes to show you that anything is possible and that, if you work towards your goals, they can come true.

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Argentine Rapper Ecko to Star in HBO Max Series ‘Días de Gallos’


Argentine Rapper Ecko to Star in HBO Max Series ‘Días de Gallos’

Rising Argentine rapper Ecko will make his acting debut in the upcoming HBO Max series Días de Gallos. He shared the good news this week about the project that hits close to home.

Días de Gallos will focus on rappers who come up through freestyle battles.

“This series is a snapshot of the world I come from, the world of freestyle,” Ecko said in a statement. “I am very comfortable telling this story. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a great cast and production team.”

Like Ecko mentioned, Días de Gallos will be a scripted series showcasing the world of freestyle rap battles. He’s currently shooting the show in Bueno Aires, Argentina, with other confirmed castmates Ángela Torres and Tomás Wicz. Días de Gallos will premiere on HBO Max in June.

Ecko is one of Argentina’s leading trap rappers.

With a Latin trap movement happening within Argentina, Ecko has emerged as one of the country’s leading rap artists. He broke through in 2017 thanks to his hit “Dorado,” which has over 51 million views on YouTube. Ecko later followed that up with “Rebota,” the club banger he shares with other Argentine rappers like KHEA, Seven Kayne, and Iacho.

The 21-year-old artist has been building off that momentum, especially in 2020. Last November, Ecko released his EP Young Golden. For the EP’s lead single, he teamed up with Cazzu, Argentina’s top female trap artist, for the sensual collaboration “Cama Vacia.”

On Young Golden, Ecko collaborated with more of Latin music’s biggest hip-hop acts. He worked with Puerto Rican rapper Brytiago and Dominican singer Amenazzy for “QDLQQ” and Boricua trap pioneer Eladio Carrión in “Baila.”

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