The Republican Debate Turned Out to be Cattier than a Telenovela

FOX News hosted the first Republican debate of the 2016 election season and there was MAJOR SHADE everywhere.


Here’s what it looked like outside of the debate building. The top ten GOP candidates crammed onto the stage for a night of name-calling, eye-rolling, and one-liners. The two-hour event felt like less of a debate and more like an emotion-packed, male-dominated telenovela. Who said men can’t be dramatic and over the top?

Megyn Kelly came out firing and Donald Trump gave her the finger.

The index finger. All Kelly did was ask Trump about his condescending tweets attacking women on their appearance.

And it looks like Megyn Kelly took lots of heat for the exchange.

Just take a look at the comments on Kelly’s Facebook.

After the debate, Kelly probably felt like this:

Credit: the-golden-ass / Tumblr

Kelly = Maite Perroni. GOP supporters = William Levy. Actually, GOP supporters = that black SUV.

Then Ted Cruz casually said he’s down to start PERSECUTING people.

While explaining what he would be doing as president, the Texas senator had a pretty significant gaffe. It’s PROsecuting.

When Cruz goes back to review the tape, he’ll probably think:

Credit: @nesoxochi / Tumblr

¡¿Qué dije?!

¡Escandalo! Rand Paul got jealous of all the *hugs* Chris Christie has been giving out.

Awww. Paul took the opportunity to remind everyone that the New Jersey governor once hugged President Obama after Hurricane Sandy. Christie spent most of the night attaching himself to 9/11 relief.

Look at that EYEROLL:



Credit: @lastbreathagain / Tumblr

All that was missing was some dramatic telenovela music. Either way, Paul does not seem to be finished with Christie. The gloves are coming off.

Marco Rubio had some very kind words for El GOP.

But even kinder words for Hillary Clinton.



Credit: Televisa

Rubio was explaining that this election shouldn’t be about resumés. But admitting that no one on the stage that night can challenge Clinton on experience may backfire.

Ben Carson felt like he was just a character without a speaking role.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson spent most of the night sitting idly by just hoping the moderators would call on him for his opinion on healthcare, terrorism, the economy, anything at all!

Ben Carson fans were like:


Let him talk! Let him talk!

Donald Trump relished his telenovela villain role throughout the night.

He went from being bored and mean to just plain mean.

But he enjoyed every moment.

Sound familiar?

Credit: @yoyagif / Tumblr

That’s it! Donald Trump is none other than the male version of Catalina Creel of Cuna de Lobos!

That’s all for this episode of El GOP.



Credit: speanic / Tumblr

Tune in next time for more political drama from your favorite GOP politicians.

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