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The Real Life Risks Guatemala Immigrants Take to Make It to America

Thousands of Guatemalans risk lives to enter US: Paul Beban speaks with migrants who took the dangerous trek from Guatemala in hopes of a gaining a new life.

Posted by Al Jazeera America on Monday, September 21, 2015

Credit: Al Jazeera America / Facebook

Risking Life and Limb

As gang violence and poverty ravages much of Central America, the flow of migrants from countries such as Guatemala and Honduras continues to pour into southern Mexico – with hopes of crossing into the U.S.

“You work and work and don’t get anywhere,” Guatemalan migrant Angel told Al Jazeera America. “In the U.S., there are good and bad things, you’re always working, but you get dollars.”

Many migrants literally risk their lives and limbs in hope of escaping the murderers and violence that plague their country, often embarking on the treacherous journey above the infamous migrant train, La Bestia.

View Al Jazeera’s whole report as it investigates the affects the impending migrant crisis has on Central American migrants trying desperately to cross multiple borders.

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If You Live for Scares, This Guy Will Take You to the Creepiest Corners of the Internet


If You Live for Scares, This Guy Will Take You to the Creepiest Corners of the Internet

Credit: Andrés Jiménez / mitú


This is Angel David Revilla. He’s the man responsible for keeping millions of YouTube viewers awake at night.

Credit: Andrés Jiménez / mitú

Doesn’t look scary, does he?

You may know him as DrossRotzank or just DROSS.

Credit: Andrés Jiménez / mitú

This soft-spoken Venezuelan has built an audience of nearly 7 million subscribers on YouTube. How? He has a knack for collecting scary stories, creepy video clips, and eerie urban legends that’ll make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Then he posts videos describing them in chilling detail.

Basically, his videos are the type of unnerving stuff you tell yourself not to watch on YouTube before you go to bed – BUT YOU WATCH ANYWAY.

Credit: DrossRotzank / YouTube

“The 7 most chilling ghosts captured on video”? IN. Who needs sleep?

He’ll also hit you with some stomach-churning trivia…

Credit: DrossRotzank / YouTube

Like “The 7 most disgusting things found in McDonald’s food.” But it’s not just a quick rundown.

Dross built a loyal following with vivid storytelling – and a sinister voice – that turn ordinary stuff into something that’ll give you the creeps.

Credit: DrossRotzank / YouTube

Watch a few Dross videos back-to-back before bed and you’ll end up like this:

Credit: Nickelodeon / Tumblr

It wasn’t always this way. Dross’ YouTube channel has evolved over the years.

Credit: DrossRotzank / YouTube

Dross, an avid gamer – he was so hardcore he would post tips on GameFaqs – first began uploading screen recordings of himself playing video games. In his first video, Dross played I Wanna Be the Guy, an extremely difficult ’80s-inspired game that usually frustrates the living hell out of whoever plays it. Dross: “That’s the idea of the game. It’s so hard. I became famous because I would scream while I was playing it and people laughed.”

Dross’s “Coño!” scream has now become one of his signatures.

Credit: Tomii Alonso / YouTube

(Turn your headphones down. You’re welcome.)

Video games aren’t his only passion. Dross also has a deep love for horror movies…

Credit: New Line Cinema

Dross says Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare on Elm Street series is one of his favorites: “It was love at first sight.”

And naturally, Dross is also a huge fan of Creepypastas.


Creepypastas are brief ghost stories or horror-influenced urban legends that are passed around the Internet. Remember Slenderman, the creepy paranormal man that allegedly influenced two girls to stab their friend 19 times? Slenderman is a creepypasta.

So Dross began focusing on all things creepy.

Credit: DrossRotzank / YouTube

And the more creepy videos he posted, the more his subscriber numbers increased. Now he shares his obsession with horror movies and creepypastas with millions of people on videos such as “Beth, the psychotic girl.”

What’s his formula? He doesn’t have one.

“People ask me a lot, ‘How do I become popular on YouTube?’ All I say is, ‘Look, dude. I cannot tell you.’ I think it is a matter of working hard and a little bit of luck as well. Do not ever trust anyone who tells you that they have the formula to become popular because that’s a big lie. That’s BS. It’s like alchemy. It just happens. I would tell them, my first advice, not just with YouTube but with life, is to do what you like. Do what you are passionate about and with a little luck, people will see you.”

And now, Dross has some new stories to tell on mitú.

Credit: Andrés Jiménez / mitú

mitú and Dross have joined forces with director Hans Carillo to bring Dross Dark Tales of Terror, a series featuring 11 portraits of pure evil. They’re just enough to give you a glimpse into the twisted mind of Dross… without taking you to a place you can never return from. Murderers, criminals and psychopaths abound. Can you handle it?

Follow #mituTERROR to keep up on the latest Tales of Terror from Dross and mitú. New episodes will air here and on our Facebook page every week, so don’t forget to like us!