The Queen Of Halloween Costumes

Don’t have a played out costume, check these out instead.

Posted by We are mitú on Monday, October 31, 2016

Don’t want a played out costume? Check these out…

mitú sat down to chat with the creative and incredibly talented, Sydney Presley. Here’s a peek at  Presley’s creative process: what inspired her and how she brings all of her amazing ideas to life.

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Reasons Why Halloween Is A Sin To Your Religious Parents


Reasons Why Halloween Is A Sin To Your Religious Parents

Credit: JenningsKreations / Etsy

Most parents see Halloween as a night to have fun dressing up as your favorite character and eat insane amounts of sugar, but that’s not the case for your parents. If you grew up in a religious Latino home chances are your Halloween looked something like this…

Every Halloween-themed commercial you watched with your parents immediately turned into a Bible lesson.

Credit: Rebelde / Televisa

Just play it safe and don’t watch tv for the whole month of October.

You wouldn’t dare ask your parents for permission to go to a haunted maze or horror theme park.

Credit: Nancy Romero / Facebook

Because “that’s how you let the devil in.”

You were always the Debbie Downer of your squad because you were the only one not dressing up for Halloween.

Credit: Real Housewives Of Atlanta / VH1

What I’ll be doing on Halloween? Praying, duh!

And trick-or-treating was basically a death sentence according to your mom and “Primer Impacto.”

Credit: mitú

Your mom knows a friend of a friend of another friend that knows someone who died because there was a blade inside a Snickers bar.

There was only one Halloween event your mom would let you attend…

Credit: Facebook

Yes, Hallelujah-Ween is a thing and I don’t want to talk about it.

But if you were brave, you knew this was the only magical time of year you were able to troll your mom.

Credit: mitú

She really thinks you’re being serious.

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