They Called Him A Clown When He Went To Bat, But Now No One Is Laughing

Meet Bartolo Colón. At 42 years old, Colón is the oldest player in Major League Baseball. bartolo-colon-headshot

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And he doesn’t just warm the bench while the young guys do their thing. Colón pitched more than 30 games last season and has already pitched 7 games this year. He also recently passed Pedro Martínez as the second-winningest Dominican pitcher of all time behind Hall of Famer Juan Marichal.

Aside from his age, the Dominican pelotero is also well-known for a few things. Like his major league-sized beer belly…

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And the laughter-inducing hacks he takes whenever he goes up to the plate.

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We all know how hard it is for pitchers to hit a baseball. Colón knows this as well as anyone, so whenever he’s at bat, he gives zero f***s.

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When Colón is at the plate, you’ll see wild swings like this one…

Credit: MLB / DownedandRound / YouTube

This one…

Credit: MLB / DownedandRound / YouTube

And this one…

Credit: MLB / MLBPlays17 / YouTube

Occasionally, Colón does get on base. And whenever he has to do a little baserunning…

Credit: MLB / YouTube

Look at him go!

Teammates are always there to poke a little fun at the 285-pound pitcher.

Credit: MLB / YouTube

Cool off, big guy!

Well, after years of hacking away at baseballs, Colón finally got the best of an opposing pitcher. He recently hit his first HOME RUN, becoming the oldest MLB player ever to hit their first dinger.

Credit: @NBCSN / Twitter

Mets fans went nuts.

Credit: MLB.com

His teammates couldn’t believe it.

Credit: MLB.com

And Colón took his sweet ass time to round the bases.

Credit: MLB.com

According to the Kansas City Star, it may have been the slowest home run trot in baseball history.

When he got to the dugout, Colón appeared to tell a teammate that his heart was beating like crazy.


Credit: MLB.com

The best part? It looks like Colón knew it was gone before he dropped off his bat. Check out the smile:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.11.25 PM
Credit: MLB.com

Baseball card maker Topps commemorated the event by creating a baseball card (damn, they work fast these days) and fans are already gobbling it up. According to ESPN, nearly 9,000 cards have already been sold.

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Sacramento Cops Don't Know Who's Behind Letters Demanding The Death Of Muslims And Latinos

things that matter

Sacramento Cops Don’t Know Who’s Behind Letters Demanding The Death Of Muslims And Latinos

Fox 40 / KTXL

Residents of Sacramento, Calif., are trying to figure out who is behind a terrifying and threatening letter targeting minorities that was left on car windows. The letter, signed by a well-known white supremacist, calls for the kidnapping, robbing, torturing and execution of all Muslims and Latinos.

Residents of Sacramento received an unwanted gift under their car windshield wipers on May 3: This racist call to war.

Credit: @kcranews / Twitter

Although the Sacramento police have stated that this “deplorable and despicable” language is protected speech, they are still investigating the matter and are looking for any law that might have been broken in the distribution of the hate-filled message.

According to the hateful letter, all “peaceful legal remedies” to end the “genocide of white people by both Islam and Mexico” have been exhausted.

Credit: True Blood / HBO / transsexual / Tumblr

But things get  even darker, more terrifying and infuriating when you read one particular line.

Credit: @PrevGenocide / Twitter

“If you have not secured a body-dump site, do so now! Kidnap, rob, torture for information and execute all Muslims and Latinos. Leave no survivors,” reads the letter.

Sacramento residents are not happy about the fliers at all.


Credit: @kaitlynmenegio / Twitter

“I’ve been living here six years, we have all kinds of crazy, but this is a different level of crazy,” Denise Calderon, a community activist, told The Sacramento Bee. “It makes me very angry because this was left overnight, so our kids saw this before going to school.”

Credit: Real Housewives of New York / Bravo / realitytvgifs / Tumblr

^^ Every Muslim and Latino reaction when hearing of this letter. ? The Sacramento police are currently investigating the issue and are looking to locate the person responsible for the letters.

The letter was signed with the name of Greg Withrow, a white supremacist with a long history of doing crazy things to further his cause. In 2005, Withrow tried to crucify himself twice as a means to protest the Iraq War, and to demand that white supremacists be released from prison, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that tracks and hate groups. Still, as previously mentioned, the authorities don’t know who was responsible for the letters.

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