The New ‘Power Rangers’ Trailer Is Out And People Are Freaking Out Over Becky G’s Character

Your favorite childhood TV show is now coming to the big screen.

The official trailer for the new “Power Rangers” movie is out, and it’s just as cool as you would expect it to be. Everyone who used to be obsessed with the “Power Rangers” TV series in the 90s is now super stoked about the movie, which is coming out in theaters on March 24th. If you enjoy a mix of comedy and action, then you can’t miss this!!

And those who are fans of pop singer Becky G, are even MORE EXCITED.


So excited that they’ve gone out to buy a ton of yellow Power Ranger merchandise.

#truefans ?

See you all Power Rangers and Becky G fans in theaters on March 24th!

CAN’T. ⚡️WAIT. ⚡️

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