The Most Important Poll You’ll Take This Year: Are Jack In The Box Tacos Delicious Or Are They Trash?

You’re familiar with Jack In The Box tacos, right? If not, this is what they look like on the Jack In The Box website:

Credit: Jack In The Box

But this is what they look like IRL:

Credit: theimpulsivebuy / flickr


Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal tried to figure out why Jack In The Box tacos are so damn popular. According to the WSJ, the fast food company sells more than 500 million tacos — fried tortillas with beef filling, lettuce and cheese — a year. “Americans Eat 554 Million Jack in the Box Tacos a Year, and No One Knows Why,” reads the headline.

No one knows why? Really, WSJ? These two seem to have nailed it:

All jokes aside, there are plenty of people who enjoy Jack In The Box tacos when they’re sober. And they are fanatical about it.

They’ve become a staple in this person’s diet.

This guy buys in bulk.

And this guy’s family has made them part of their holiday feast.

Guess what, though? Not everyone loves those tacos. There are people who hate them with a passion.


And some people feel your choice in fast food says something about you.

There are those who know about the haters but don’t pay them any mind…

… And those who are somewhere…

… In the middle.

So, where do you stand?

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