The Most Important Poll You’ll Ever Take… About Paletas

It’s summertime, aka paleta season! Even though they’re good all year round, there’s nothing that increases your craving for a paleta like the hot and toasty summer weather.

So whether you get yours from one of these guys…

Credit: johninspanish / flickr
CREDIT: Credit: johninspanish / flickr

One of these spots…

Credit: Jhochstat / Flickr
CREDIT: Credit: Jhochstat / Flickr

Or one of these vehicles…

Credit: zigzaglens / flickr
CREDIT: Credit: zigzaglens / flickr

Once you’re faced with all these options, you usually have a go-to flavor that always hits the spot.

Credit: lorenia / flickr
CREDIT: Credit: lorenia / flickr

So, which flavor is it?

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