Jennifer Lopez Talks about the Making of ‘Selena’



“If you could open the doors to [Selena’s] heart, there would be sunshine.”

Even more than 20 years after her death and the making of her movie, Selena continues to resonate in the memory and life of her fans. And the making of her movie is just as everyone imagines: a rollercoaster of emotions.
10 years after making Selena, the cast reunited to recall the experience, and as painful as it is to remember, it’s surreal to realize that everyone was meant to be there, especially Jennifer Lopez.

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“There are some similarities that are just really incredible,” said Pete Astudillo, a member of Los Dinos.

“Not only did Jennifer get an opportunity to play her role in the movie, but she also played her role in life,” Edward James Olmos said. “She became a superstar, a super artist and that’s where Selena was going.”

Check out what Jennifer Lopez and the rest of the cast have to say about their experience in the video above.

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