The Littlest Victims Of Our Broken Immigration System Are Asking For Your Help

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“I wish I won’t have to be afraid anymore.”

Our immigration system is tearing families apart. Children born into families with mixed immigration status are losing parents. One organization, First Focus, is putting a face to these child victims with a campaign that lets real kids afraid of losing a parent to deportation tell their own story. Gabe Vasquez, Senior Director of Media Relations for the organization, says he hopes that people start to learn and understand the real price of deportation on the children.

“We know that many Latinos get this. We know that many Democrats get this,” Vasquez told mitú. “We’re trying to convince Republican and Independent voters that comprehensive immigration reform is needed now, and that the lives of many hard-working children and their families – their neighbors – depend on it.”

Not only are children seeing their parents get detained, some are also losing all contact after they are deported.

Courtesy of This Is My American Story

“Charlie’s [pictured above] father was deported more than two years ago,” Vazquez said. “When Charlie’s father was detained by ICE, his family held prayer vigils, wrote letters to the president and turned in petitions to ICE asking for the government to let his father stay. His father was later deported.”

Some of the kids who are still with their parents are living a legal nightmare that could result in an eventual deportation.

Courtesy of This Is My American Story

“Roberto’s [pictured above] mother Jeanette has been granted a temporary stay in the United States several times after being detained by immigration authorities for driving without a license,” Vasquez said of the 12-year-old’s situation. “Roberto fears that his mother could be deported at any moment.”

Regardless of where you stand on immigration, you’d have to have a heart not to feel some compassion for these kids.

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