The Little Girl From Bomba Estereo’s “Soy Yo” Video Has Bomb Life Advice: Be Yourself

Definition of a (s)hero.

Fusion recently profiled Sarai Isaura Gonzalez, the 11-year-old star of “Soy Yo,” Bomba Estereo’s latest music video. The young Latina became an internet sensation because of her unforgettable and confident performance and so, naturally, the news organization asked her to dish out some life advice to their viewers. She did not disappoint.

“It doesn’t matter what other people think about where you come from or how you look, it just matters what you think about yourself,” the wise-beyond-her-years girl said.

And while this might seem like pretty obvious advice, it’s actually much easier said than done. This little girl has figured out something that took us 20-some years to learn ourselves.

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This Mexican Mother Just Welcomed Her Daughter's Bully To The Real World

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This Mexican Mother Just Welcomed Her Daughter’s Bully To The Real World



Sticks and stones may break your bones, but a pissed off Mexican mother will do way more damage. After her daughter was repeatedly subjected to the intimidation of a bully, this mother decided to take things into her own hands, literally. The incident took place outside the College of Science and Technology in Xicohtzinco, Tlaxcala, as a handful of students watched on. The mother, as you can see from the video, employed some schoolyard techniques that should be familiar to anyone who’s ever been to public school. While we don’t condone the actions of the mother, this should serve as a warning to bullies out there. If you mess with someone, be prepared to face the vengeful wrath of a much more experienced family member.

If you are someone currently being harassed by a bully, please don’t stay silent. There are many helpful websites that can help you through this kind of trouble.

[H/T] 9 News: Mexican mother attacks schoolgirl who she claims harassed her daughter

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