The Latest Genre To Take “Music City, USA” By Storm? Mariachi, Of Course!

Credit: The Tennessean

The home of country music is making space for mariachi.

In a city that has played a significant role in shaping modern American music, a new genre is taking root: mariachi. The traditional Mexican music isn’t being played at the Grand Ole Opry just quite yet, but it has become a staple at Glencliff High School in Nashville, which boasts a mariachi program. Mariachi Internacional de Nashville and Gabriela Fuentes — the group’s female director — were recently profiled by the Tennessean, Nashville’s largest newspaper. According to the paper, the group lives up to its name, featuring students who aren’t just Mexican; among the musicians are kids from Laos, Vietnam, Korea, Egypt, and even Kurdistan.

And if you, like us, where wondering how in the world a mariachi program was able to be launched in Nashville, you’d be surprised that Latinos will make up 34 percent of Nashville’s metro population by 2040. It turns out that we really are everywhere.

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