The Internet Cannot Contain Itself about Demi Lovato’s “Twin Sister” Named Poot

All it took was one bad photo of Demi Lovato and a meme was born. Now, Tumblr is filled with stories about Demi Lovato’s twin who has been living her life locked away in a basement. This should be a warning to everybody: never trust the Internet with anything.

It all started with this picture…

Credit: cstcrpt / Tumblr / knowyourmeme

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a low quality photo taken of a celebrity and then BAM! Poot Lovato was born.

Who is Poot Lovato? A Tumblr created this fictional backstory about Demi’s “twin sister.”

Credit: cstcrpt / Tumblr / knowyourmeme

And people ran with it.

Some people thought it was hilarious.

Others pointed out the hypocrisy of promoting anti-bullying and Poot Lovato.


In true fashion, the Internet could not control itself.

Her sudden arrival was all people could talk about.


Poot Lovato even got her own social media accounts.

Like a lot of social media accounts.

Credit: facebook.com

A lot of people are feeling Demi’s twin today.

This was Demi when she opened her computer this morning.

Credit: s-e-h-n-s-u-ch-t / Tumblr

Don’t worry, girl. Some people just don’t know how to act.

It wasn’t long till people starting putting Poot all over pop culture.


And, apparently, she is in higher demand than Diego.

Some people even want her to run for president.

Oh, and Poot officially has an e-book about her life in the basement.

Credit: wattpad.com

Her fans are probably like…

Credit: The Wendy Williams Show / Debmar-Mercury / bricesander / Tumblr

After all, Demi has been a very vocal champion for positive body image and helping young girls be comfortable with themselves and this is the thanks she gets.

Not sure why, but Britney Spears was dragged into the messy affair.


Let’s all hope Demi can find some humor in this.

Credit: radiant-lou / Tumblr

Because if we know one things, it’s that the Internet never forgets and it will never surrender.

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