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Here’s Why Cuba And The U.S. Never Had Normal Relations Until This Year

Credit: Vox/YouTube

“[But] to understand how big of a deal, where that hostility really came from, and why it took so long to end, you’ve got to go back… way back!”

Shoutout to Vox for condensing the history of U.S.-Cuba relations into a six-minute video.

As the the video points out, the relationship between both countries goes back to the 1850s, when southern states wanted to take over Cuba — by purchase or by force — to expand its agricultural-based economy. American economic interest in Cuba didn’t stop there, and it didn’t change until the rise of communism.

So why should you care? Because the history of the U.S. relations with Cuba is pretty much a stand-in for the history of American interest in other Latin American countries, like Guatemala and Nicaragua. Also, because learning something know won’t kill you, you philistine!

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For The Very Last Time, Vicente Fernández Gave His Audience Tequila Tears


For The Very Last Time, Vicente Fernández Gave His Audience Tequila Tears

Credit: @_vicentefdez / Instagram

If you’ve never seen Vicente Fernández live in concert, add this to your list of regrets. The Mexican legend gave his final adiós on stage at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City this past weekend.

That means you’ll never be able to sing along with the ranchera megastar while he sings “Volver volver,” “Hermoso cariño,” or “Las llaves de mi alma” – in person that is. But the fans that were at “An Aztec at the Azteca” concert enjoyed the free concert and Chente singing nonstop without repeating a song, as usual.

Hours before, he said on Twitter:

Credit: @_vicentefdez / Twitter

“I have no words to express all that I feel. I’ll see you in the Azteca!”

Over the past 48 years, Chente became synonymous with Mexican culture. He’s sold 70 million copies, is in 40 movies and even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Chente had planned to give his big farewell back in 2012, but had to postpone due to medical issues. This past weekend the end finally came and for the last time, he told his fans, “as long as you don’t stop applauding, your Chente won’t stop singing.” #Tequilatears

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