Get To Know Krislian Rodriguez, The Los Angeles Native Who Was Just Eliminated From ‘America’s Next Top Model’

After 13 years and 23 seasons of “America’s Next Top Model,” a Mexican-American finally appeared on the long-running reality show.

There have been a handful of Latinas who represented our beautiful cultures on “America’s Next Top Model.”

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Yoanna House, who is Mexican-Canadian, won cycle two; Jaslene Gonzalez, who is Puerto Rican, won cycle eight; and Felicia “Fo” Porter, who is half-Mexican and half-Black, was fifth runner-up in cycle 12.

But 26-year-old Krislian Rodriguez, is the first Mexican-American model to ever be on this show.

Standing at 5’6″, this beautiful talent also represented for petite models, who are hardly ever seen on the show. While it might’ve been daunting to be the first Chicana featured on “ANTM”, Rodriguez is proud of this huge accomplishment.

She said she’s very honored to represent the Mexican-American community.

In this Instagram post, Rodriguez said she takes great pride in her Latino heritage and that she’s excited to “share her struggles and success as a Latina model.”

But she didn’t have the typical model upbringing. Rodriguez was faced with dozens of obstacles during her childhood.

Rodriguez on the left with her siblings. Krislian Rodriguez/Facebook
CREDIT: Rodriguez on the left with her siblings.

“Growing up, I was raised by my single mother who migrated to the states when she was only 18 years old,” Rodriguez writes on Instagram. “From the time I started Kindergarten to graduating high school I had gone to 15 different schools in two different states.”

So Rodriguez turned to dance as her escape.

She says that was a way to make friends in all the diverse neighborhoods that she lived in.

Dance was such a big part of her life that it turned into her career, leading to features in music videos like Calvin Harris’s 2014 hit song “Summer.”

As well as the 2015 single “Five More Hours” with Chris Brown and Deorro.

But it was always her dream to be on “ANTM”.

On the first episode, Rodriguez revealed that she’s been watching the show since she was a teenager. And you can definitely tell — she’s got that fierce look.

She proudly walked into the season as the only Latina with her own business. Rodriguez always credits her mother’s strength for giving her the initiative to start her own swimwear line. 

“I learned strength, perseverance, and determination from my mother,” Rodriguez writes on Instagram. “My mother barely spoke English when she moved to the states from Mexico. All on her own she raised me and my two brothers, and started her own business. All while being an immigrant and single mother. She taught me to never become victim of your circumstances and always always create opportunities for yourself and be your own boss. Now here I am on ‘America’s Next Top,’ the only Latina and with my own business.”

And she says the show helped her put her attitude in check.

On episode two, the judges criticized her for making excuses when they disapproved of her photographs. “Looks like I’m causing controversy already,” Rodriguez said on Instagram. “But just wanted to thank those of you for your kind words and support! I’ll admit I’m not perfect. But that’s part of this journey and this competition. To learn, to grow, and to evolve.”

There was at least one judge who said Rodriguez was just a “pretty face, but not a model.”

What a legend @ellenvonunwerth. Thank you so much for this Moment ❤ #krislianantm

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We can’t say we agree.

But as she progressed in the season, judges finally started to see a different side of Rodriguez.

While Rodriguez is constantly criticized for being too sexy on the show (we didn’t know that was a bad thing), she went from being at the bottom two to getting the best image of all contestants.

Buenos Días ? @jonlorentz #krislianantm #krislianrodriguez #antm

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…Until she was eliminated this week. ?

CREDIT: RihannaVevo

But don’t feel bad for her. She’s walking away with her head high and a check next to her bucket list.

That’s right!

 Check out her exit interview here:

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Fans Think This Photo Of Barbie Is Proof She’s An Out And Proud Lesbian


Fans Think This Photo Of Barbie Is Proof She’s An Out And Proud Lesbian

Mattel/ Instagram

The fact that the early days of Barbie were not quite so inclusive to all of us comes as no surprise. The blonde, impossibly figured doll with a penchant for similar-looking friends is a far cry away from the Barbie of today who has friends of all shapes, races, sizes, sexual identities, and abilities. Even better, today’s Barbie crew includes dolls who give queer children a broader playgound for their imagination.

Recently, Barbie has added a new addition to her friend group whose bringing more power to her LGTBQ fans.

Social media has dubbed the LGBTQ positive Aimee Song doll Barbie‘s girlfriend.

Twitter’s latest excitement is about a theory that Barbie and Aimee Song are dating. Photos of Mattel’s doll Aimee Song doll show her wearing a “Love Wins” T-shirt that supports LGBTQ+ rights. The Mattel doll was inspired by fashion blogger Aimee Song and recently caught renewed attention in a viral post shared to Twitter.

The “Love Wins” photos are only now going viral but were actually released in November 2017.

The photos of Barbie and the Aimee doll were shared to Twitter last Monday by user @kissevermore and now has Twitter debating whether the two are dating.

The pictures of Barbie and Aimee show the two dolls eating avocado toast. petting a dog, and smiling at each other. The images have fans questioning when Barbie came out and how she managed to nail a hot girlfriend before they did.

Even REAL Aimee Song weighed in on the images to confirm the relationship.

“I am the girlfriend,” she tweeted with a photo of herself and the Aimee Song doll. 

While Mattel has yet to officially identify Barbie as a lesbian, the original Instagram posts related to the Love Wins Barbies are proof that she is at least an ally.

Confirmed or not, true or not, one of the best parts of Barbie is that she is meant to be whoever her fans want her to be.

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Christina Haswood Wore Traditional Navajo Clothing Made By Her Bisabuela To Her Swearing-In Ceremony And It Was The Most Powerful Look Of 2021 So Far


Christina Haswood Wore Traditional Navajo Clothing Made By Her Bisabuela To Her Swearing-In Ceremony And It Was The Most Powerful Look Of 2021 So Far

H. Armstrong Roberts/ Getty

Newly elected member of the Kansas House of Representatives, Christina Haswood, paid tribute to her heritage on the day of her swearing-in ceremony with the ultimate power look. Dressed in traditional Navajo attire, the 26-year-old made history on Monday when she became the  youngest member of the Kansas legislature, and only its second Native American member. 

Haswood took her oath of office wearing traditional Diné regalia which she made with the help of her mother, and partner.

Wearing moccasins, a velveteen skirt, and a red blouse embellished with silver string made a point to highlight her heritage and identity. Speaking to Vogue in an interview about her clothing, Haswood explained that she “wanted to honor my ancestors and all their sacrifices for me to be here and in this job. I wanted to honor my family, who has taught me how to be a strong, young, Diné woman while growing up in Lawrence, Kansas.” 

In addition to her dress, Haswood wore heirlooms given to her by family members which included a squash blossom necklace, a belt given to her by her uncle, and an additional belt given to her by her shimá sání (grandmother). Her great grandmother also gave her the earrings she wore. In addition, she wore a tsiiyéé (a Navajo-style hair tie) that she made with her shimá sání.

“The significance of these pieces are priceless,” Haswood explained to Vogue. “Many of the pieces I wore that day only come out on special occasions, because of how old they are. I don’t have the funds to be a collector, so many of my pieces have been passed down to my mother, who lets me borrow them.”

Haswood gave a behind-the-scenes look of her swearing-in attire on a TikTok video that has gone viral with more than 500,000 views.

In the video, Haswood readies her hair and does her makeup before eventually getting help from her mother and grandmother to get dressed.

Haswood won the Democratic primary after running unopposed for a seat in the Kansas state legislature that represents District 10.

With degrees in public health from Haskell Indian Nations University and Arizona State University, Haswood also received a master’s degree in public health management from the Kansas University Medical Center.

At the moment, she also serves as a research assistant with the National Council of Urban Indian Health and the Center for American Indian Community Health. There she studies nicotine addiction in tribal youth and researches the impact of COVID-19 on indigenous groups.

“Just two years ago I was in graduate school, and my greatest worries were about getting a job and student loans,” Haswood said in an interview with the Daily Kansan. “Today, the world has changed.”

According to Esquire, four Native candidates ran for office in Kansas. This week, each of them won their primary elections.

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