The Democrats Just Threw A Latino Under The Bus For The DNC Leak

A couple of weeks ago, the Democratic National Committee had thousands of their emails published on Wikileaks.

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The leak was embarrassing for the Democratic Party for so many reasons.

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For starters, it gave Bernie Sanders supporters ammunition to claim that the party was rigging the primary in favor of Clinton. Then there was that whole Politico reporter running his story by the party before actually publishing it, something that is seriously looked down in journalism. Oh, and how can I forget, there was that cringeworthy series of emails that gave the impression that the Democrats viewed Latinos as consumers instead of actual voters.

As is the case with most organizations when s**t hits the fan, the DNC looked for people to take the fall for them.

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And like a bad horror movie, one of the first people to get the axe was none other than a person of color.

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Luis Miranda, the DNC’s communications director, was one of the three staffers who resigned.

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Miranda was one of the highest-ranking, non-elected Latino officials of the Democratic Party who didn’t work for a Latino outreach team. In other words, he was a high profile staffer who happened to be Latino.

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This is a big blow because that’s one less Latino who can tell the DNC leadership to not treat Latino voters as a niche group. What’s worse is that this isn’t an unfounded fear. Here’s a former DNC Latino staffer talking about how the party views Latinos:

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In short, they don’t.

Listen, no one is telling you shouldn’t vote. You absolutely should, and I suspect many of you will just to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

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Yep, that’s Trump’s daughter who he is inappropriately touching.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t call Democrats out on this or other things. That party needs to actually try to get your vote.

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And no, having dad-joker Tim Kaine speak Spanish at a rally or two isn’t going to cut it.

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