Someone’s Spider-Man Comic Book Screwup Pissed Off Latinos

Comic book writers Jose Molina and Nick Lowe were riding high when the latest issue of the relaunched comic The Amazing Spider-Man hit stores. The issue follows Spider-Man as he fights evil in Cuba. But, in their rush to print the issue, they made one critical mistake – within the FIRST panel.

Jose Molina, the Puerto Rican writer of the newest The Amazing Spider-Man comic, was so excited for its release.


But check out the first few panels of Spider-Man crawling around Cuba. Notice anything off?

That’s right. The flag proudly waving in the Cuban winds is actually Puerto Rico’s flag.

The gaffe prompted Molina to publicly apologize.

Credit: @JoseMolinaTV / TwitLonger

“I HAVE TO APOLOGIZE fro the mistake that appeared in issue 1.2 of #AmazingSpiderMan, which I wrote and which hit stores today,” Molina tweeted. “As a Puerto Rican born-and-raised, I can’t tell you how embarrassed I am by this mix-up. It was an honest mistake; I can’t explain how it happened.”

The editor of the comic, Nick Lowe, immediately offered to correct the issue.

And they made good on their promise giving Cuban Spider-Man fans the Cuban flag they expected.

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