This is How Jorge Ramos Proved He’s a Total Bad-Ass

Emmy Award-winning journalist Jorge Ramos has had quite the spectacular year. Let’s review some of his biggest moments, shall we?

In April, Jorge Ramos graced the cover of Time.

At the Time 100 Gala, Ramos called out Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto. And he used the C-word!


Corruption! Ramos said, “Mr. Peña Nieto, buying homes from government contractors and then giving them millions of dollars in contracts – that’s corruption.” OUCH!

He also used social media like a BOSS to call out foolishness.

On August 17th, Ramos called WTF on Trump’s immigration reform plan in a series of tweets.

He pointed out the obvious.

He asked questions:

And he dropped some interesting facts:

And remember that time when Donald Trump threw Ramos out of an event in Iowa? Oopsy!


Credit: YourLatestNews/YouTube

Ramos got a lot of attention due to that incident. It was kind of epic and the video of Trump’s goons “deporting” Ramos from the event for supposedly being rude or speaking out of turn or quién sabe qué was EVERYWHERE.

But wait, this led to another viral video moment for Ramos.

He went on The O’Reilly Factor, which is basically like going into the lion’s den and held his ground.

Credit: FoxNewsInsider/YouTube

When O’Reilly said that Ramos is an activist who can’t possibly cover immigration fairly, Ramos replied, “I don’t think you are the right person to lecture me on advocacy and journalism when you spend most of your program giving opinions and not asking questions, defending Republicans, criticizing Democrats, and, frankly, conducting interviews—soft interviews—with conservatives that you agree with. The difference between you and me is that you are partisan, and I’m independent.”


Then, Jorge Ramos interviewed Stars Wars: The Force Awakens co-stars Lupita Nyong’o and Oscar Isaac in a way that no one else would.

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