Let’s Be Honest, The Copa América Memes Are More Fun Than The Games

Aside from the games and the hilarious fan signs, there’s another rich source of entertainment at this year’s Copa América: the memes. If you haven’t been checking Twitter during (and after) matches here’s a quick recap of some of the stuff you may have missed.

After Chicharito scored to help Mexico secure a victory over Jamaica, Chichadios was resurrected…

Credit: @stephdcx3 / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: @stephdcx3 / Twitter

Along with San Memo Ochoa.

Credit: @stephdcx13 / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: @stephdcx13 / Twitter

Why San Memo? Because Guillermo Ochoa’s multiple saves vs. Jamaica reminded everyone of his unreal performance at the 2014 World Cup…

Credit: br_uk / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: br_uk / Twitter

Which led to memes like this one…


And this one.

Last week, USA’s loss to Colombia had many people wishing for this guy’s return…

But USA rebounded in style, defeating Costa Rica 4-0.

Uruguay is definitely the most “memed” team of the tourney, and it all began with the national anthem gaffe before Uruguay’s match with Mexico.

Credit: Marca / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: Marca / Twitter

ICYMI, Chile’s national anthem was mistakenly played instead of Uruguay’s national anthem.

After the internet had its fill of roasting Uruguay about their anthem…

Credit: Espectador810 / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: Espectador810 / Twitter

They moved on to celebrating their elimination from Copa América.

Credit: Deportes.yahoo.com
CREDIT: Credit: Deportes.yahoo.com

After Uruguayan coaches and players made some *salty* remarks after their loss to Mexico, Uruguay tried to get a W against Venezuela. But they ended up taking an L against the Vinotinto (and the Internet).

Credit: ActualidadRT / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: ActualidadRT / Twitter

Luis Suarez, who was injured and couldn’t play against Venezuela, threw a fit during the match, giving people lots of material. Like this…

Credit: Informasan / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Informasan / YouTube

And this.

Credit: t13.cl
CREDIT: Credit: t13.cl

And, of course, there were references to his infamous biting incident at the 2014 World Cup.

Que ratas!!! #Vinotinto #Venezuela #LuisSuarez

A photo posted by Rogelio Pérez Moreno (@rogelioperez08) on

That’s it so far — if you’ve already seen these memes, here’s one that you can relate to:

Credit: BLUDeportes / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: BLUDeportes / Twitter

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Which meme is your favorite? If there’s one we didn’t include, leave it in the comments below! And don’t forget to click on the share button below to send to your friends. 

11 Spanish Names That'll Mean Something Totally Different When You Read Them Out Loud


11 Spanish Names That’ll Mean Something Totally Different When You Read Them Out Loud

Are you ready to get your carcajada on? You are not going to believe some of the ridiculously clever Facebook profile names people have come up with, and they range from hilarious to naughty. They have to be made up because if anyone really has these names “que Dios los ayude” as abuela would say.

Cindy Nero

Cindy Nero
Credit: wearemitu/Facebook

Pronounced: Sin dinero

Qué clever that this doubles as a name and financial status.

Kelin Teresa

Kelin Teresa
Credit: nestor.escobar.7712/Facebook

Pronounce: Qué le interesa

This is one way to put metiches in their place.

Keti Porta

Keti Porta
Credit: Fernanda Sanchez/Facebook

Pronounced: Que te importa

Well, why even be on Facebook if you are going to be so confrontational?

Ana Lisa Melculo

Ana Lisa Melculo
Credit: analisa.melculo.545/Facebook

Pronounced: Analisa me el c*lo

Such a pretty first name, such a pretty middle name, but that last name is asinine.

Dolores Delano

Dolores Delano
Credit: nestor.escobar/Facebook

Pronounced: Dolores del ano

Gotta wear shades to mask the discomfort. Maybe she should go see a doctor about those pains in her booty. Sounds serious.

Cindy Entes

Cindy Entes
Credit: jannette.fernandezzamora/Facebook

Pronounced: Sin dientes

Notice how she keeps her mouth closed when she smiles? Porque no tiene dientes!

Cinco Menta Rios

Cinco Menta Rios
Credit: angelicamaria.rosariomartinez/Facebook

Pronounced: Sin comentarios

He’s a man of very little words.

Aitor Tilla

Aitor Tilla
Credit: donato.barrios/Facebook

Pronounced: Hay tortilla

This guy is so much more fun to hang out with than his brother Noahaitor Tilla ?.

Cyn Cebolla

Cyn Cebolla
Credit: cyn.ru.9/Facebook

Pronounced: Sin cebolla

She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t. Maybe she should hook up with Aitor Tilla.

Rosa Melano

Rosa Melano
Credit: krysmar.fernandez.5/Facebook

Pronounced: Rosa me el ano

No, thank you. That’s not the kind of proposition I’m looking for when I’m on FB. Isn’t that what Tinder’s for?

Simpa Peles

Simpa Peles
Credit: nestor.escobar.7712/Facebook

Pronounced: Sin papeles

I’ve got a few relatives that could go by this name. But shhh, don’t tell anyone!

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