7 of Your Favorite Lines from the Craziest Telenovela Supervillains


“¡¡Qué haces besando a la maldita lisiada!!” — Soraya Montenegro in María la del Barrio

Credit: Televisa / morochozn1 / YouTube

Itati Cantoral gave the most on fleek performance as the bat shit crazy villain in María la del Barrio.

“Yo estudié 6 semestres de finanzas en la San Marino.” — Patricia Fernández in Betty la Fea

Credit: RCN Televisión / annchyy4 / YouTube

Before Ugly Betty or La Bella Más Fea, there was the Colombian version Betty la Fea, which gave us the most annoying antagonist Patricia Fernandez.

“La ironía le va más bien a la gente inteligente, pero la mala educación no la soporto en mi casa.” — Catalina Creel in Cuna de Lobos

Credit: Televisa/angel luna/YouTube

All hail Maria Rubio as Catalina Creel, the most feared villain in telenovela history.

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“Los muertos no pueden hablar.” — Paola Bracho in La Usurpadora

Credit: Televisa/tarovat/YouTube

Don’t be fooled by her sweet face and demure personality, this evil twin is hungry for power.

“Odio ser pobre, ¡lo odio!” — Teresa Chavez in Teresa

Credit: Televisa/Acerkas PROd/YouTube

Men, take heed, a crazy, greedy woman can never lead to any good.

“Pues yo también soy perra y muerdo.” — Inés Vallejo in Pecados Ajenos

Credit: Telemundo/ivan pinto/YouTube

Inés Vallejo became one of the most hated villains but like a trainwreck viewers couldn’t keep their eyes off her. She was bold, aggressive and cunning.

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“Nunca me ha gustado tu cara bonita.” — Roxana Brito de la O in Amigas y Rivales

Credit: Televisa/TheBailandoparadisio /YouTube

When craziness and vanity collide, you get the super villain Roxana Brito de la O, who had to be the prettiest girl of them all.

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Backhanded Compliments: Latino Edition


Backhanded Compliments: Latino Edition

Credit: we are mitú / YouTube

“You speak English so well!”

There’s nothing like a backhanded compliment to un-make your day. But can you really get mad at someone for “praising” you? Uh, hell yes. These doozies may sound familiar to Latinos…

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