The 7 Weirdest Things We’ll Miss About Alex Rodriguez, Who’s Retiring After 22 Years

Alex Rodriguez announced on Sunday that he is retiring from baseball. He will play his last game on Friday.

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After 22 seasons in the majors, A-Rod is walking away. In more than two decades as a professional, Rodriguez hammered out 696 home runs (4th all time, behind only Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, and Babe Ruth) and 3,114 hits (only 30 people have ever accomplished this). He also won the MVP title three times and helped the Yankees win their 27th World Series championship in 2009. By all accounts, he should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but in all likelihood, his admittance to using performance-enhancing drugs (more on that later) will likely keep him out of the Hall for some time. But instead of focusing on that, we’re going to focus on something that made A-Rod great: His constant ability to make us say “WTF, A-Rod!” Below, in no particular order, are our favorite weird A-Rod moments.

The Mirror Kiss.

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We’re leading off in the strongest way possible: That 2009 image from a “Details” magazine photoshoot where he’s basically making out with himself. When it’s all said and done, this awfulsome picture will define A-Rod’s legacy as much as his accomplishments on the field and his steroids scandal. It’s as if the photographer told A-Rod to be normal, and the ballplayer’s natural response was to indulge his narcissism. We are here for it.

The two alleged paintings in his apartment that portray him as a centaur.

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Speaking of rampant narcissism, in 2009 (holy crap, that was a particularly rough year for him, huh?), “US Weekly” published an interview with an anonymous ex-lover who claimed that A-Rod has not one but TWO massive paintings in his apartment that portray him as a centaur, the Greek mythological creature that’s half-horse and half-man. TBH, if we had his hundreds of millions of dollars, we’d do the same thing. After all, when you’re that rich and successful, you can afford to give zero f*cks.

That really weird time Cameron Diaz fed him popcorn during the Super Bowl.

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When he wasn’t busy making out with himself, A-Rod spent a lot of quality time with famous women. The Yankee slugger dated Madonna, Kate Hudson, Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz, among others. (He’s currently dating Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe and ex-wife of one of Google’s founders.) This being A-Rod that we’re talking about, even his romancers were on the unusual side of things. Perhaps no other moment was as publicly bizarre as that time during Super Bowl XLV when Cameron Diaz shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth. On paper, there’s nothing wrong with a little PDA, but the way he reacts, like a child being spood-fed his meal, is very much #onbrand.

The Slap.

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Not every A-Rod shenanigan took place out of the ballpark. Rodriguez made a name for himself for messing with opponents. Perhaps the most famous example of this took place during game six of the 2004 American League Championship Series (you know which series we’re talking about). Down two runs and trying to stop what would become one of the greatest sports comebacks of all time, A-Rod slapped the ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s hand because… hey, you gotta do whatever it takes to win right?

“Ha! I got it!”

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A-Rod has always been a competitor, which means he’s done some pretty assholish things to win. Nothing exemplifies this better than that May 2007 game against the Toronto Blue Jays, where A-rod allegedly yelled “I got it!” while in between third baseman Howie Clark and shortstop John McDonald. The ball would drop on the dirt, resulting in a much-needed Yankee run. A-Rod would later claim that he yelled “ha!” to distract the opposing team.

That time A-Rod finally admitted to using steroids.

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You can’t talk about about A-Rod and not bring up his year-long suspension for taking performance-enhancing drugs. After fighting and denying his involvement with Biogenesis, the anti-aging Miami clinic that pretty much shot him and other athletes with banned steroids, A-Rod admitted to the feds that he had indeed taken steroids. Instead of holding a press conference to tell his fans what he did, Rodriguez wrote a personal letter, in cursive and all, saying he was sorry.

This at-bat from May 2016. Just Because.

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For all the bad things you can say about him (trust, there’s so much more; we only scratch the surface), we’re gonna miss A-Rod and his weirdness. His juicing aside, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and we hope he gets there some day.

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New Lawsuit Alleges that Alex Rodriguez is Guilty of Embezzlement and Racketeering: ‘He is a serial cheater and liar’


New Lawsuit Alleges that Alex Rodriguez is Guilty of Embezzlement and Racketeering: ‘He is a serial cheater and liar’

Photo via Getty Images

It looks like scandal just can’t stay away from A-Rod. The former Yankees all-star is now facing controversy based off of the claims filed in a lawsuit by his former brother-in-law, Constantine Scurtis.

The lawsuit alleges that Rodriguez is a pathological liar and cheater who embezzled millions of dollars through shady real estate deals.

The lawsuit states: “Defendant Alex Rodriguez, a former Yankees baseball player, is a serial cheater and liar. After cheating on his wife, Cynthia, and lying about his affairs, Alex Rodriguez then lied to and cheated his brother in law in their real estate partnership.”

According to Scurtis, he and Rodriguez formed a real estate partnership around the beginning of A-Rod’s marriage to his sister, Cynthia. The initial deal was that the duo would leverage A-Rod’s star power to attract clients and sales and would get 95% of the profits. Scurtis would get the rest of the profits, including acquisition fees when applicable.

Scurtis says that A-Rod sold their joint company without his consent and without giving him any of the profits.

But per Scurtis, in 2008, around the time that Rodriguez’s marriage to his first wife dissolved, A-Rod abruptly booted Scurtis from the partnership. Scurtis alleges that, up until that point, Rodriguez had previously lied to him and assured him that nothing would change in their business dealings.

The lawsuit also alleges that Rodriguez committed various acts of fraud, including concocting a “scheme to profit off of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ike.”

Hurricane Ike was a natural disaster that resulted in at least 195 deaths and billions of dollars in damage in 2008.

Scurtis says that Rodriguez committed insurance fraud, faking accounting records to claim that his properties sustained significantly more damage than they actually did.

The lawsuit alleges that A-Rod bribed an official who caught wind of the scheme to keep quiet.

“Through their racketeering,” the lawsuit said, “Rodriguez and his co-conspirators have caused Scurtis many millions of dollars in damages.”

Scurtis’s lawyer says that A-Rod will “face a jury on August 2, 2021, to answer claims that he and his co-conspirators engaged in a pattern of racketeering and embezzlement.”

“Scurtis never suspected that the tussle over the day-to-day operation of the business arising from his sister’s divorce would be followed by a systematic and fraudulent effort to eliminate Scurtis’s equity in the venture and strip him of the future financial rewards to which he was rightfully entitled,” says the lawsuit.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Scurtis has brought a lawsuit against his ex-brother-in-law.

There seems to be no love lost between these two former business partners. Over the years, Scurtis has filed a multiple lawsuits against the Dominican ex-MVP, including a $100 million one in 2015 that included many of the same allegations. It is unclear how that situation ended, but judging by the newest lawsuit, Scurtis’s previous ones have not been successful.

As for A-Rod, he is hitting back at Scurtis’s claims, and filed a countersuit denying the accusations. We guess we’ll just keep our eyes peeled to see how this all turns out.

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After 105 Years, the Cleveland Indians Will Finally Change Its Racist Name and Donald Trump is Not Happy


After 105 Years, the Cleveland Indians Will Finally Change Its Racist Name and Donald Trump is Not Happy

Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

After 105 years of having a racist moniker as their team name, the Cleveland Indians has finally decided to change their name.

The New York Times broke the news on Sunday, speaking to three anonymous sources with inside information. Per the Times, the baseball team will apparently formally announce the news as early as this week.

The Cleveland Indians have long come under criticism for having what many consider a racial slur against Native Americans as their team name.

Crystal Echo Hawk, an indigenous activist and member of Pawnee tribe once told USA Today that sports teams that brand themselves with Native American imagery “impacts not only how people view us, but also how we view ourselves. These mascots propagate offensive stereotypes, and scientific studies have shown they increase rates of depression and anxiety among our youth.”

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

In 2018, the Cleveland Indians retired the mascot they’d had for 71 years, “Chief Wahoo”. “Chief Wahoo” was a racist caricature of a Native American. The mascot had bright red skin, an exaggerated nose, and a feather pinned to the back of his head. Ironically, the mascot last appeared on the players’ uniforms on Indigenous Peoples’ Day/Columbus Day in 2018.

Native Americans have long called for the Cleveland Indians to retire their mascot and change their name.

According to the sources that The New York Times interviewed, the transition from being called the “Indians” to a new name (one that is still undecided) will be a difficult one. The Cleveland baseball team will have to phase out all merchandise, retire their current uniforms, and work with a manufacturer to create new equipment and signage. In other words, they have an expensive undertaking ahead of them. One that probably should have been done a long time ago.

The decision to finally change the team’s offensive name comes after a tumultuous year where many American institutions faced a racial reckoning.

Many spokespeople of old that were rooted in minstrelsy, like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, were retired by brands in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer. It appears that the Cleveland baseball team has also finally heeded its critics.

In July, the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins finally dropped their offensive name as well. The team now goes by the Washington Football Team while they decide on a new name.

But of course, not everyone is happy with the name change. Some believe that the MLB team is becoming too “politically correct”.

None other than President Trump tweeted out his displeasure at the news, calling it “not good news” and claiming that the name change was “cancel culture at work”.

Contrary to what Trump thinks, when a brand evolves to be less offensive and respect the culture of a marginalized community, it isn’t giving into “cancel culture”, but is actually…working towards a better world. We know Donnie doesn’t know much about that.

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