The Crazy Texts Pitbull Would Definitely Send You

We all know Pitbull as that energetic party of a person who pumps us up during nights at the club. But only a select few get to LOL daily from the hilarious texts Mr. 305 would send. Here are some of the texts that might be exchanged between his closest peeps:

You can count on him to be a bipartisan partier:

Speaking of being Mr. International, Pitty likes to take his nickname to the extreme:

Pitbull def likes to take care of things in his own way:

He’s that one friend who may pull your leg, but is always loyal:

It’s always fun to have a personal life coach and bae rolled into one classy Mr. 305:

He’s really more of a #selfie guy, but is aways down to snap your pics:

He may have started from the bottom, but Pitty learned how to take his life from negative to positive. So now he is living on top!

And of course, with Pitbull as the party host, you know it’s going down:

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