The Crazy Texts Pitbull Would Definitely Send You

We all know Pitbull as that energetic party of a person who pumps us up during nights at the club. But only a select few get to LOL daily from the hilarious texts Mr. 305 would send. Here are some of the texts that might be exchanged between his closest peeps:

You can count on him to be a bipartisan partier:


Byeeee, Trump. Mr. International is going to help us run ‘Merica. ?

Speaking of being Mr. International, Pitty likes to take his nickname to the extreme:


Pitbull def likes to take care of things in his own way:


He’s that one friend who may pull your leg, but is always loyal:


(But seriously, who takes taxis these days?!)

It’s always fun to have a personal life coach and bae rolled into one classy Mr. 305:


He’s really more of a #selfie guy, but is aways down to snap your pics:


He may have started from the bottom, but Pitty learned how to take his life from negative to positive. So now he is living on top!


#Blessed. Pitty makes anything a P-A-R-T-Y!!

And of course, with Pitbull as the party host, you know it’s going down:


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