Texas Is Becoming More Latino, So White Conservatives Are Making Sure They Don’t Vote

This is how those in power stay in power.

Texas, a state whose origin story is pretty much white supremacy fan fiction, will likely become majority Latino (read: Mexican-American) by 2020. That’s one presidential election away. That means that given the Latino community’s penchant for voting Democrat, Texas is as few as four years away from becoming a swing state. Let that fact sink in. I’ll wait.

That’s the upside. The bad news? Instead of adapting to the inevitable browning of Tejas (Oh, didn’t you hear? We agreed at the last Latino meeting to go back to the OG name), Republican politicians are doing everything in their power to prevent us from voting. That includes whack voter ID laws that have repeatedly been struck down because lol the U.S. Constitution. But despite justice getting in the way, Republicans have still been successful in making it really hard for Latinos and other minorities to register to vote. Proof: the video above from Vice. The news organization went down to Houston, Texas, to speak to Daniel Ybarra, an organizer trying to get as many Latinos registered. Spoiler alert: the state makes his job very difficult.

Unfortunately for the Tejanos among you, it’s too late to register to vote if you haven’t done so already (the deadline was October 11). But for those of you living elsewhere, you might still have time. New Yorkers (October 14), Floridians (October 18), and Californians (October 24), get registered. Your vote does matter.

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Do You Love Your Boyfriend Enough To Put Up With A Savage Suegra?


Do You Love Your Boyfriend Enough To Put Up With A Savage Suegra?

@edwardus / Instagram

Once you start dating your boyfriend, you know you’re are also basically dating his entire family. And sometimes his family comes with a SAVAGE SUEGRA. No matter how well you treat your him, his mom will never think you’re good enough, and these are a couple of the things you have to deal with…

She stays rolling her eyes at you.


And if she’s not rolling her eyes, then she gives you that cold side look.

Passive aggressive comments are a given.

CREDIT: Maria la del Barrio / Televisa

She might sound sweet, but she’s actually insulting you. And when your man tries to get her to apologize to you, she responds with, “De qué hablas, yo no dije esooooo.”

She always judges the way you’re dressed.


So don’t be looking all hoochie or fodonga, or she’ll call you a descarada.

And constantly criticizes your cooking skills.


If you can’t cook you better start watching some “Master Chef” or “Martha Stewart.”

On top of that, she expects you to have the best manners.


You might consider taking an etiquette class. But the most important thing is to saludar.

And you better have a job or be in school. She for sure doesn’t approve of a huevona.


Better do something productive with your life, because being unemployed and uneducated is a big no-no for your suegra.

She also comments on your Spanish-speaking skills.


So careful about using any of that Spanglish or your suegra will be thinking, “¿Qué dice esta mensa?”

And hopefully, you have a heart for kids because she’s always asking for nietos.

There’s nothing more she would love than a couple of little kids that look like her adorable son.

Yes, your savage suegra is extra hard on you… but it’s because she wants you to treat her baby boy with all of the love and care in the world, just like she has all her life.

And if he’s a huge mama’s boy, GOOD LUCK! QUE DIOS TE BENDIGA.

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