Texas Football Players Who Hit Referee Say They’re Not Thugs or Gangsters

You don’t know Michael Moreno and Victor Rojas. But you’ve probably seen them quite a bit recently. They’re the two Texas high school football players who were caught on video hitting a referee in the middle of a game.

Here’s the footage:

Credit: Greg Gibson / YouTube

After the fallout from the incident, Moreno and Rojas have finally spoken out. In an interview with Good Morning America, the teenagers said a coach ordered them to hit the referee after the referee allegedly used racial slurs. The referee has denied the accusations. Moreno and Rojas maintain that the referee used the N-word and told a Latino player, “Speak English, this is America.”

Both teens said they regret what they did and apologized to the referee for their actions. They also said they hope people don’t define them by the incident. “Everyone sees me as this thug or this gangster … that’s not who I am. Underneath the helmet and the pads, I’m a great kid,” said Moreno.

Watch the full interview:

Credit: ABC News / YouTube

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