Texas Congressman Just Compared Vicente Fernández’s Corrido To Russia’s Hacks

This past September, Vicente Fernández and the Latino Victory Project teamed up to sing the praises of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Fernández’s corrido, titled “El Corrido de Hillary Clinton,” was meant to inspire voters with lyrics like, “your voice is your vote,” and “juntos se puede.” While the song was obviously biased towards Hillary Clinton, people who heard the lyrics could make up their mind whether or not they agreed with the message.

Now a Texas Congressman is calling Fernandez’s corrido a “foreign influence,” saying it’s as bad as Russian hacking.


In an interview with The Dallas Morning News, Congressman Mike Conway of the U.S. House of Representatives compared the influence of Vicente Fernández and other “soap opera stars, singers and entertainers,” saying, “Those are foreign actors, foreign people, influencing the vote in Nevada. You don’t hear the Democrats screaming and saying one word about that.” When asked if these actions of these “foreign actors” were as bad as the Russian hacking, Rep. Conway replied: “Sure it is, it’s foreign influence. If we’re worried about foreign influence, let’s have the whole story.”

Are the Russian hacking and the Vicente’s Fernández’s corrido the same?

CREDIT: kremlin_news/_vicentefdez/instagram

When Fernández sang about how he favored Hillary Clinton, the listener knew he was biased, and they were able to make up their mind based about how they felt about his opinions. The hacking took a different route, preying on our ability to understand or trust information, leading us to vote more on emotion than on fact. The hacking was also confirmed by 17 intelligence agencies to have been orchestrated by the Russian government. Are Fernández and soap stars government agents? If they are, then maybe Rep. Conway has a point, but the only orchestration that Fernández seems to know about is the one that plays behind him when he’s breaking hearts.

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