Teenage Drunk Driver Goes Viral In Mexico After Offering Police 100 Pesos

Nearly a decade ago, a young woman named Dulce Sarahí Villareal became a viral sensation in Mexico after she was involved in a car accident.

Credit: yourbuddyamaral / YouTube

News reporters found Villareal moments after the accident and interviewed her on the spot. Her response, “Me chocaaaaaron,” went viral.

When a reporter asked if she had been drinking, it became clear that she was under the influence of something.

Credit: yourbuddyamaral / YouTube

Villareal was busted for drunk driving and, unfortunately, was involved in several other incidents related to substance abuse.

Well, earlier this week, a new drunk driver became a household name in Mexico. Meet Lorena Daniela Aguirre, a.k.a. Lady 100 Pesos.

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Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

She’s allegedly responsible for causing an accident that led to this…

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.04.08 PM
Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

And this…

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.05.28 PM
Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

The incident took place in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Why is she being called Lady 100 Pesos? Because she tried to bribe several police officers with a 100 peso bill (about $6).

Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

Big spender!

We’ll get back to that in a bit. The drama began when Aguirre was detained by police officers. Despite the accident, Aguirre didn’t comprehend why she couldn’t leave the scene.


Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

Aguirre: “¡No hay pedo, güey!”

Her friend, however, was like, “F*** this, I’m out.”

Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

According to SPDNoticias, another friend fled the scene before cameras arrived. The friend, who has not been identified, is allegedly the son of a local politician.

After pleading her case, Aguirre realized she wasn’t going anywhere.

Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

So she began offering the police officers 100 pesos. Including this officer:

Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

After refusing her offer, police officers attempted to take her into custody. But Aguirre was not into it at all.

Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

Eventually, after a struggle, they managed to get her into a police truck.

Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

Even when she was in the truck, she was still trying to get rid of those 100 pesos.

Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

Wondering what happened to her friend? He didn’t get very far.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.05.05 PM
Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

A police officer caught up to him after he left the truck. Nice try, pal.

And he ended up in the back of the same police truck as Aguirre.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.17.56 PM
Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

Once the video footage hit the Internet, #Lady100Pesos became a trending topic in Mexico. Countless memes were unleashed.

Credit: @MiguelBang / Twitter
Credit: @SenoraCatolica / Twitter
Credit: @del1al10mx / Twitter
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Aguirre was detained for eight hours and released after paying a fine of 1,500 pesos (about $85). Watch the full video:

Credit: Óscar Aguilar / YouTube

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