Ted Cruz’s Father Emotionally Broke Down What Immigration Really Looks Like

Credit: Ted Cruz / YouTube

Most people don’t want to leave their country but have no choice.

Rafael Cruz grew up in Cuba and, as he recalls, life was good. When government corruption started to threaten his country’s sovereignty, Cruz did what so many other Cubans did: he joined the resistance. After being beaten, arrested and eventually released, Cruz felt he had no other option but leave Cuba. Scared for his life and the life of his family, a nervous Cruz left Cuba for the United States. He worked as a dish washer while going to the University of Texas in Austin, graduating with a degree in mathematics with a minor in chemical engineering. After that, Cruz did what many immigrants do: he sought out a job to improve the life of his family. Despite being told that he would be discriminated against for being Latino, he chased his dream to be a professional.

Cruz’s story is a real story of immigration and why people from all over the world make the journey to the U.S. It isn’t because immigrants are looking to take anything away, but because immigrants want a better life.

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