Ted Cruz Gets Trolled by Tedcruz.com

Ted Cruz

Earlier today, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz became the first major candidate to officially announce he’s making a run for the presidency.

The Texas senator announced his bid via Twitter.

It is likely a move to show young voters that he’s got plenty of Internet savvy.

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Cruz also launched his official campaign website, tedcruz.org.

Credit: Tedcruz.org

What should have been a celebratory day for the Senator was soon overshadowed by a HUGE rookie mistake: someone on his team didn’t secure the domain tedcruz.com. The owner of that domain, an Arizona attorney who shares the same name, decided to troll the senator after his big announcement with a pro-Obama and pro-immigration reform splash page.

Tedcruz.com now displays this message:

ted cruz
Credit: Tedcruz.com

Cruz supporters are probably doing this:

ted cruz

While opponents of Cruz do this:

ted cruz

Cars. Who Gives a Sh*t?


Cars. Who Gives a Sh*t?

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“Millennials don’t give a sh*t about cars,” said venture capitalist Bill Gurley at a conference at SXSW adding that this generation “view[s] cars a a utility, not as a social statement.”

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Spend Your Money on Something Cooler than Insurance


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Ride Like a Rapper


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They Deliver Puppies and Kitties!

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Get High

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Parking Can Be a B*tch

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