Ted Cruz Should Have Never Gone To The Bronx Because New York Doesn’t Like Him

Credit: New York Daily News / YouTube

Ted Cruz got the scolding of a lifetime from Bronx natives during his campaign stop.

Gonzalo and Rodrigo Venegas had a strong and clear message for Ted Cruz: He is not welcome in the “Boogie Down Bronx.” Cruz is in New York campaigning ahead of the state’s April 19 primary. After such an impressive win in Wisconsin, you would assume that things are coming up roses for the Canadian-born politician. LOL nope.

“We are an immigrant community,” one of the Venegas brothers told reporters in the video. “Ted Cruz, he is a racist who represents the white supremacy. We are not going to allow that in our neighborhood.”

No doubt they were calling attention to Cruz’s unabashed anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Unable to take the heat, Cruz pulled a Trump and had the protesters ejected.

Credit: @issielapowsky / Twitter

WTF was Cruz thinking? Did he really believe that New Yorkers would welcome him with open arms after sh*ttalking the Bronx in 2014? And don’t forget that the GOP candidate was also in hot water earlier this campaign season after attacking what he called “New York values.”

We’re curious to see how Cruz will try to walk back such negative comments in a state that has clearly not forgotten what he’s said. We’ll watch closely and see how this whole thing unfolds April 19.

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Things Latinas Hear That Men Don't


Things Latinas Hear That Men Don’t

Credit: muchholyverytrinity/tumblr

Chances are you’ve heard these from men…AND women.

¿Por qué tienes esa cara de enojada?

Credit: sodamn-pop / Tumblr

Es la única que tengo.


Credit: ANTM / CW / ihavefatparents / Tumblr

Why? I’m talking to you?

You’re so spicy.

Credit: Modern Family / ABC / lesrequinstigressontnosamis / Tumbr

This is something you say to a dish. Not a woman.

Las mujeres no hablan así.

Credit: donnydeee / Tumblr

We speak the same way you do, with our mouths.

What are you doing hanging out with all those guys, what are they going to think?

Credit: PLL / ABC Family / Yourreactiongifs / Tumblr

Sorry, I didn’t know that me having human interaction offended you in any way.

No hagas cosas buenas que parezcan malas.

Credit: Glee / Fox / naya-rivera / Tumblr

Because the way it looks to you is way more important than my intentions.

Ew you’re so hairy, depílate.

Credit: @ilusionoptica / Twitter

Fine, only if we can wax your personality too.

Damn, you can eat.

Credit: hernameisnyc / Tumblr

Yeah, it’s kind of necessary for my existence.

You act like you know sports.

Credit: iamchloejean / Tumblr

I’m not an actress. I’m a sports fan.

Pareces hombre.

Credit: The Fosters / Hellokittygleek / Tumblr

Does that mean you’re going to respect me more? Great.

You’re so pale. *Puts makeup on* Why do you wear so much makeup?

Credit: Rebelde / Televisa / Forcerrr / Tumblr

Can never win.

Así quién se va a querer casar contigo?

Credit: ohmyreactiongifs / Tumblr

One of the many guys texting me right now.

He won’t want to marry you because you’ve slept with ___ guys.

Credit: KUWTK / E! / the-reactiongifs / Tumblr

You mean to say I’ve had a lot of sex? Great insult.

You know how to cook, ahora sí te puedes casar.

Credit: gifsugar / Tumblr

Because cooking determines my qualification to marry.

Cuándo te vas a casar?

Credit: disquettesdemec / Tumblr

Oh god…

Cuándo te vas a casar?

Credit: lifetimetv / Tumblr

If I hear that one more time…

Cuándo te vas a casar?

Credit: confessionsdunjeuneparisien / Tumblr

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