Ted Cruz Quits. Pray For Us All.

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Way To F*cking Go, America!

Ted Cruz announced that he is ending his presidential bid after losing Indiana badly to Donald Trump. As soon as the polls closed, Trump was announced the winner. On one hand, thank you heavens above for saving us from having to hear Cruz’s smug voice and endure one of the most unlikeable humans ever. On the flip side, this now means we still have six more months of Donald Trump and possibly more.

Before bowing out of the race, however, Cruz went into IDGAF mode after being asked to comment on Trump’s claim that his dad helped assassinate John F. Kennedy. Cruz rightfully lost his sh*t and just went HAM after Trump. Not surprising because at that point he had nothing left to lose. Like, you could tell he already knew he was going to lose Indiana, and with it, his chance at becoming the first Latino President.

Make no mistake, many believe Ted Cruz is an awful person. But many also believe the same of Trump, and there’s lots of evidence the dude really is a pathological liar. Despite his racist and sexist bullsh*t comments, we still can’t be sure whether he believes all of it, or if he just says what supporters want to hear.

Dammit, America. We expected more from you. And if the prospect of a Trump presidency didn’t scare you then, it sure as hell should now.  More than ever, your ass needs to register to vote, get the f*uck involved and show up at the damn polls Nov. 8.

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Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

People Wasted No Time To Meme This Woman After This Photo Hit The Internet


People Wasted No Time To Meme This Woman After This Photo Hit The Internet

Just over a week ago, a teenage drunk driver was videotaped bribing an officer with 100 pesos ($6). The footage promptly went viral, earning the teen the nickname #Lady100Pesos. Now there’s a new lady sweeping across social media in Mexico.

Once this photo, which shows a woman holding up a sweater while another woman uses an ATM, hit the Internet, #LadyCajero was born.

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

Soon, she was outfitting Harry Potter with a cape…

Credit: @DiegoGlezR / Twitter

She tried to stop Jack from drawing Rose like one of his French girls…

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

And she didn’t want to see Cersei shamed for her transgressions…

Credit: @voranges / Twitter

LadyCajero helped Britney Spears avoid a wardrobe malfunction…

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

And prevented Kim Kardashian from breaking the Internet.

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

She showed off her bullfighting prowess…


Credit: @elbukisss / Twitter

And expressed her disdain of Mr. Burns-inspired art.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.50.47 AM
Credit: @hypervoila / Twitter

She was appalled by Cristian Castro’s post-massage pose…

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.51.00 AM
Credit: @hypervoila / Twitter

She put the finishing touch on Dr. Strange’s costume…

Credit: @Cinemex / Twitter

She helped Keanu maintain a bit of privacy while he got his poop on…

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

And, of course, she reminded us that crack kills.

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

WATCH: Teenage Drunk Driver Goes Viral In Mexico After Offering Police 100 Pesos

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