Reality Check: Ted Cruz Would be More Dangerous than Trump as President

For all those terrified of Donald Trump winning the presidency, here’s a reality check: Ted Cruz, junior Senator of Texas, would be a lot more dangerous than the pompous and obnoxious Trump as president.

Ruth Marcus, a columnist for The Washington Post, lays out some scary and overlooked facts in one of her recent columns aptly titled “Ted Cruz is More Dangerous than Donald Trump.” For example, though Cruz is well-educated, with a Harvard degree, he seemingly cares little for facts/is willing to just make things up as illustrated when he recently said that “the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats.”

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Cruz  is also well-known for wanting to shut down the government at all costs and for his own interests — an extreme-right ideology. Where Trump would to consider negotiating on certain issues, Cruz would be cutthroat. He actually wants a constitutional amendment to get rid of same-sex marriage and Obamacare and after the summer rulings, proclaimed them as “some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history.”

Marcus also delves into his personality. He is almost the anti-Trump — conniving, restrained and methodical. These traits keep him under the radar, allowing him to keep planning, to keep present and to not be outright hated by those he doesn’t know personally.

Read more about how dangerous Ted Cruz can be as president in The Washington Post here.

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