Ted Cruz Gave Donald Trump The Middle Finger At His Own Convention And It Was Glorious

In what is one of the most spectacular heel-to-face turns in political history, Ted Cruz laid the smack down on Trump at Wednesday night’s Republican National Convention.

Rabid Trump supporters greeted Cruz with a standing ovation.

Credit: Rob Cantor / YouTube

Their love wouldn’t last.

Cruz not only refused to tag Trump, he put the RNC in a half-nelson, telling people to vote with their conscience this November.

A slap in the face to Donald, who obviously has no conscience at all.

Fans turned on Cruz. There was so much hate in the room that his final words were drowned out by a chorus of boos and insults

Cruz is no stranger to being the most hated man in the room. However, if these kinds of people don’t like you, you’re probably doing something right.

Credit: Republican National Convention / YouTube

Just a little salute they teach you in youth camp.

The way he has been treated by his own party, Ted was bound to reach a breaking point.

All Cruz needed to was a chance to stand-up for himself. That chance came last night.

Credit: Fox 5 NY / YouTube

Like any good guy, Ted Cruz needs a catchphrase. But I think he’s already found his. See.

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