Reporter Questions Ted Cruz’s Cuban-ness

Ted Cruz

Bloomberg reporter Mark Halperin thought it necessary to verify Ted Cruz’s Cuban-ness in a recent interview with a line of questioning that included asking about Cruz’s favorite Cuban dishes and singers. You know, poignant questions that prove he is Cuban.

Credit: Bloomberg Business / YouTube

Twitter users responded with their own Halperin-inspired questions using #HalperinQuestions.

After the firestorm, Halperin publicly apologized for the interview via social media:

“In no way was I asking Senator Cruz to ‘prove’ he was an ‘authentic’ Latino. I apologize to those who were offended, and to Senator Cruz. I promise that I will work to make the tone and questions better next time,” said Halperin in a statement.

How to Nail Your #OOTD Pic


How to Nail Your #OOTD Pic


It’s time to step up your Outfit of the Day pics! Here are a few tips on how to rock the lens and capture the best images to get you a boatload of likes.


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Keep your eyes open for cool surroundings to highlight your outfit. A colorful backdrop will make your outfit pop and more intricate backgrounds will compliment the colors and patterns.

Natural Lighting


Mother nature is your best friend when it comes to awe-inspiring pics. Capture great shots with natural light. You and your bold colors will be very happy.

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Switch Up the Angles

Channel your inner model. Play with angles in your photos. Go ahead, strut your stuff.

Capture Details

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today's ✨ details

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Highlight the best parts of your outfit by taking close-ups. Zoom in and let your followers take notice of your fringe, collar or jewelry.

Take Multiple Photos

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Take tons of photos so you have more to choose from. If there are too many good ones, add them all as a mini portfolio.

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While the duckface is cool, don’t forget to show off your pearly whites every once in a while. It puts people in a good mood.

Focus Your Camera

The last thing you want are blurry photos. Make sure to test the lens, focus and filter before you begin snapping away.

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