#TBT To The Time When Lin-Manuel Miranda Made Modern Pop Hits Sultry Salsa

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“They’ve stolen our music and tonight we’re going to steal it back.”

Here’s an epic blast from the past featuring a young Lin-Manuel Miranda, who, at an early age, proved that he was born to be a show stopper (who also challenges the status quo). In 2001, Miranda wowed the crowd at a talent show while studying at Wesleyan University. During his moment on stage, Miranda commented on the deluge of Anglo musicians trying to “take over” Latino music. Miranda was particularly upset by 98 Degrees, who released a song titled “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).” So, he decided to flip things a bit, giving some of pop’s greatest hit Latino-inspired remakes. Watch as he makes Britney Spears, ‘NSYNC and Destiny’s Child songs the banging salsa dance hits they were obviously meant to be. We dare you not to laugh, scream and dance.

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Bill O'Reilly Won't Give Up On The Republican Leader's Border Wall Idea


Bill O’Reilly Won’t Give Up On The Republican Leader’s Border Wall Idea

Donald J Trump for President
Credit: The O’Reilly Factor / Fox News / Donald J. Trump for President / YouTube

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Bill O’Reilly and his border wall love affair.

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox sat down with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly to talk about the border wall, and it was as uneducated and racist as you might expect. From the beginning, O’Reilly began professing his love for the would-be structure. Like, the dude seriously thinks building a wall is the most reasonable and responsible way to deal with immigration. You know, because forcibly keeping people out is how the United States has always rolled, right O’Reilly? LOL nope. Just ask his own ancestors. (Because he is of Irish decent, not Native American.)

“Here’s my take on this, and you tell me where I’m wrong,” O’Reilly told Vicente Fox at the start of the interview. “Patrolled vigilantly on both side, on both sides, I think a border wall is actually humane because it would cut down on people and drug smuggling. Two things that injure human beings, as you know. So, where am I going wrong?”

Well, here’s a quick rough draft of where you’ve been wrong on the border wall.

Credit: ohshutupharry / Tumblr

That didn’t stop O’Reilly from continuing on his campaign to get Fox to agree with a border wall.

Fox brought out some facts, like the immigration bill that has been laying dormant in Congress that would address the immigration concerns of lil’ O’Reilly.

Credit: University of California / Giphy

“There are two better and less costly walls,” Fox started using the wall metaphor for something much bigger and realistic. “One is to approve the initiative, the bill, the migration bill that has been sitting in U.S. Congress for 10 years now presented by Senator McCain and Senator Kennedy. That bill brings a solution to migration, a solution to illegal or undocumented…”

But before Fox could finish, O’Reilly began spouting incorrect information to make an invalid point.

Credit: The Little Rascals / Universal Pictures / original-indie / Tumblr

“But the American people in every poll, Mr. President, have made it clear they’re not going to support anything until they get the wall up to stop the millions of people coming in,” O’Reilly told Fox. This despite the fact that a recent poll negates his claim. According to the Pew Research Center, 62 percent of people oppose the wall. SIXTY-TWO PERCENT.

Listen, O’Reilly, next time you start trying to prove a point, make sure you have the facts right. For starters, a bit of advice, not ALL Americans are Republicans.

Credit: Parks & Rec / NBC / MTV / TumblrX

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