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Tacos Saved This Man From Committing Suicide

Police officers in Mexico City saved a young man’s life with tacos. Literally.

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Credit: HerchosMeridianoOficial / Facebook

On Tuesday morning cops found a man, who remains unnamed, contemplating jumping off a bridge. According to SDP Noticias, the man originally from the state of Guerrero felt very lonely and depressed in the city.

Cops approached him and offered him tacos. At first he was like “Meh, they kinda look good, but no.”

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Credit: HechosMeridianoOficial / Facebook

The officer tried a little harder to persuade him by saying, “Yes, you want some.”

Like anyone walking up to a taquero for seconds (guilty ??), he was afraid of being judged.

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Credit: HechosMeridianoOficial / Facebook

Trying not to laugh, the cop assured him no one would say anything, and then…


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Credit: HechosMeridianoOficial / Facebook

Cops convinced him to walk away from the bridge. They told him to have some tacos so he’d be able to think with clarity.

These genius cops took him to Taquería Corona and hooked him up with a mixed variety.

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Credit: HechosMeridianoOficial / Facebook

He was later taken to a center to help treat his depression.

Watch the news clip here:

Un hombre quería tirarse de un puente, pero unos tacos le salvaron la vida.

Posted by Hechos Meridiano on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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