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Taco Mashups that Surprise You with Awesomeness

Credit: @esabs / Instagram

The golden rule of tacos: Everything tastes better in a tortilla. Nothing compares to the classics, like tacos al pastor, but is there magic in these fusion tacos?

The Korean Taco

Taco Tuesday be like ??

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Image Credit: Instagram/takorean

Sweet, sticky, sour and spicy. From Beef Bulgogi short ribs with kimchi to pork Bahn Mi, Korean tacos top the fusion charts. Can I get a ‘nom nom’?

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The BBQ Pork Taco

Image Credit: Instagram/tacotraveler

A hearty all-American treat! Slow pulled pork in BBQ sauce and tortillas seem to go together like chips and salsa.

The Ahi Tuna Taco

Photo Credit: Instagram/fitness_sisters101

Okay, this ain’t your average fish tacos. If you’re feeling fancy, ahi tuna or seared ahi tuna tacos with ponzu sauce and avocado will no doubt hit the spot.

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The Breakfast Taco

breakfast tacos are the best tacos #bacon #jalapeno #breakfasttacos #austin #austinfood #baconeverything #goodmorning

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Wake up and smell the tacos! Eggs, bacon, cheese and jalapeños will fire you up for a great day.

The Taco Salad

#tacosalad #steak #southweststyle #mexican #foodporn #먹스타그램 #lime

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How can you say no to a crispy tortilla bowl filled with crunchy, gooey taco goodness? The best part: You can kid yourself into thinking you’re eating super low cal (because salad.)

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken Taco

Credit: Tumblr/foodpicturesblog

We’re not jerking your chain…these smokey and picante tacos will knock your socks off.

The Pizza Taco

#pizzatacos#pizza#tacos#cheese#pepper#basil#stuff#food# made this pizza taco with this weirdo. @_bella_morris_

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Dreams do come true. This melange of the two greatest culinary inventions in history is every bit as delicious as its cousin the pizza empanada (aka: calzone).

The Dessert Taco

Photo Credit: Instagram/brbcookingdinner

What better to follow a plate of tacos than more tacos!

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People on Social React Like Savages to News of El Chapo’s Capture


People on Social React Like Savages to News of El Chapo’s Capture

Credit: @txc0bellrey / Twitter

El Chapo has been captured and it’s tearing the Internet apart. Seriously, people on Twitter and Instagram just don’t know how to feel right now.

It all started when Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, sent out one tweet and people were immediately skeptical.

Credit: mitú

Translation: “Mission Accomplished: We have him. I want to inform the Mexican people that Joaquin Guzmán Loera has been detained.”

The unverified Twitter account suspected to belong to one of Chapo’s sons was quick to respond.

…Pretty sure you guys know what that means.

And then the Internet exploded in true social media fashion over El Chapo’s capture with memes.

Are you sure Steve? You’ve led us all astray before.

Emotions were split over the news.

Granted, some people just didn’t get it.

We understand, Ann. You hate Mexicans, enough already.

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And some people were just plain confused.

It’s cool, y’all. Latinos got Twitter today. Just take a seat and learn.

The people want to see El Chapo put an end to ISIS.

And he can’t possibly do it from jail…or can he?

And Trump. What about Trump?!

Credit: @ashleylatruly / Twitter

Low key, tho… How many people were waiting for a Trump/El Chapo show down? ??????????

It was as if a superhero had fallen today. ?

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Some used social media to publicly grieve for El Chapo’s freedom.

No llores, mami. He’ll be out again soon.

And, at the end of the day, aren’t we all connected through music?

If only he would have listened and taken people up on their offers to help.

Surely if he was hiding out with @tee_27 he would still be free to roam.

All of a sudden, El Chapo became a source of inspirational quotes.

And poems.

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But then everyone remembered that he’s El Chapo, so goodbye is only for a little while.

There’s even a hashtag dedicated to El Chapo’s inevitable escape.

And now we wait for his next daring escape with the help of his people.

How long do you think it’ll take for El Chapo to escape again? Share this story with your friends and start that betting pool!

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