The People Behind This Hateful Incident Have Been Arrested

Last month, a family in Koyltown Township, Mich., woke up to find a stack of boxes in their driveway emblazoned with the words “Mexicans Suck,” “Take Back America” and “Trump.” The boxes were stacked and taped together to give the appearance of a wall.

The family also found this doll made of balloons near their driveway:

Credit: Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office

“This is a crime. This sort of thing will not be tolerated,” said Tuscola County Undersheriff Glen Skrent in a statement. According to Michigan Live, one of the family members is Hispanic.

Earlier this week, the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department took to Facebook to announce they have arrested the suspects connected with the crime:

Here is an update to the ethnic intimidation complaint that had occurred in Koylton Twp in early November and was originally posted on November 14, 2016 by the Sheriff’s Office…

In early November Deputy Roland of the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of possible ethnic intimidation. He completed a scene investigation and was then assisted by Det. Baxter and Det. Jones. In following up with the case, the Detectives were able to collect evidence and identify suspects. The detective’s conducted many interviews and were able to obtain good information to complete the investigation. The Sheriff’s Office was assisted by agents from the FBI. The report has been completed and forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office for review.

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