Los Angeles Hit With Latest Race Crime

A Latino couple barely escaped unscathed from a racially-motivated attack at a public park in Los Angeles.

According to witnesses, the couple was approached by three white men who were chanting “Heil Hitler” and waving a wallet with the confederate flag before the attack.

“We noticed a guy with his girlfriend. He was hispanic and three white male came and they just started beating them up and punching them. Me and a couple of family members went to go stop them from fighting,” José, a witness who did not provide his last name told NBC News. “After that they started coming towards us and they pulled out some knives. They were saying that they would kill us.”

The three men were arrested and the couple did not suffer any serious injuries. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is treating the incident as a hate crime.

Get more details on the attack from NBC4 Los Angeles here.

Watch the footage from The AVTimes1 below:

Credit: The AVTimes1 / YouTube

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