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Study: Pollution More Likely To Impact Latino Communities


Air pollution affects everyone, but if you’re Latino, you’re likely living in an area with air that is unfit to even breathe.

According to a recent study, 1.81 million Latinos live within a few miles of factories that pump toxic pollutants into the air. The reasons for this are economic. Of course no one wants to live near smokestacks, but houses in these areas are much cheaper and affordable for families that barely break even each month. This fact is even more alarming when you consider that U.S. Latinos are three times more likely to die from asthma-related problems than any other demographic. The problems stemming from this affect Latinos of all ages. Children are more likely to fall behind in school due to health problems, families are less likely to have health care to keep their families healthy, and unskilled immigrant workers are more likely to work in environments with inhumane conditions.

To find out more, please check out the Mother Jones report here.

Gael García Bernal's "Late Show" Appearance Turned Trump's Wall Upside Down


Gael García Bernal’s “Late Show” Appearance Turned Trump’s Wall Upside Down


Gael Garcia Bernal Has Already Started Building The Wall

Gael Garcia Bernal made a hilarious surprise appearance on last night’s “Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” The segment began with Colbert addressing the upcoming debate between Trump and Clinton. He then turned his attention to the infamous border wall, and welcomed via satellite “Martin Hernandez,” who was a little too enthusiastic about the wall, and for good reason. Without giving away the joke, let’s just say things weren’t exactly as they appeared, and the confusion led to some great jabs at the current election. Gael’s short appearance reaffirmed just how damn likable he is, and was definitely an awesome way to promote his upcoming movie Desierto, which has its U.S. release on October 14th.

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