Fashion Crimes That Are Totally Okay IF You’re In Selena’s Band

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Selena was such a style queen, but what’s a style queen without an entire court that can keep up with the same level of flawless fashion? Nothing. Luckily, Selena was surrounded by fierce Dinos who slayed the 90s fashion game. Here’s their individual breakdown of style.

Abraham Quintanilla III

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If you weren’t wearing a Kangōl hat, you def weren’t on top of trends.

And when he wasn’t rocking that Kangōl hat, he looked a little something like this…

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.11.14 PM
Credit: rareselenaylosdinosblog / Tumblr

Side swooped bangs with squared transitional glasses.

Suzette Quintanilla

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.13.02 PM
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Susie was the band fashionista, always helping design their outfits. She also helped with hair and makeup.  Also, is that a Dave & Buster’s t-shirt?!

Chris Perez

Credit: rareselenaylosdinosblog / Tumblr

Chris was definitely the cool guy in the group. The cool, quiet guy who kept his style simple, yet so rockstar with his long curly hair.

Pete Astudillo

Pete Astudillo
Credit: @selenaquintanillaisbae / Instagram / mitú

Pete looked pretty normal until he hit you with the side view…

Pete 2

Credit: @chrisperezrockerz / Instagram

Most. Iconic. Mullet. EVER.

Don Shelton

Credit: @selenaquintanillaperezfans / Instagram

He was known as one of two things: Selena’s backup dancer or the guy with the tight leather pants. Here’s why:

Credit: @entucorazonselena / Instagram

Freddy Correa


Credit: @selenatheonlyqueen / Instagram

He was known as the hottie who wore his shirt open down to his six-pack. But just like Don, he also got down in tight leather pants…

Credit: @rememberingselenaqperez / Instagram

?Baila, baila esta cumbia?

Together, they formed our favorite band ever ?❤️.

Credit: ill-ary / Tumblr


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