Steve Aoki Mixed in Chente’s ‘Por Tu Maldito Amor’ and ‘El Sonidito’ During One of His Sets

Credit: Top Kevin / YouTube

¡Un… dos… tres… cuatro!

During a recent gig in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, international EDM superstar Steve Aoki threw in a few songs that he knew his audience would appreciate. Aoki hit the unsuspecting crowd with Vicente Fernandez’s “Por Tu Maldito Amor” before transitioning to “El Sonidito” by Hechizeros Band. Once they heard those familiar beeps of “El Sonidito,” the crowd went wild. Aoki responded by jumping up and doing some sort of Riverdance-ish pogo dance.

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9 Times You Can Count on Latina Moms being the Baddest Bitches Ever


9 Times You Can Count on Latina Moms being the Baddest Bitches Ever

Credit: Keeping Up with the Kardashians/ E Entertainment/memegenerator.net

Anyone who has a Latina mom knows that when push comes to shove, she’s not messing around because they are the baddest bitches ever in the best way possible. Thank god from mom in times like these:

When you’re sick and she takes care of you like a BOSS.

Latina mom starter kit

Yes, there is a time to go to time to go to the doctor, but most of the time you just need her TLC.

When no one else can help you.


When someone dumps you, fires you or makes fun of you and you have no idea what to do, you can ugly cry in front of your mama and she’ll help you get it together.

When she makes shit work even without the right tools.

No can opener meme

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, I bet you that mother and daughter team are Latinas.

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When you really want something that’s overpriced.

Swap Meet Meme

You’re too embarrassed to ask for a discount, but your mom will haggle and get you the best price EVAH!

When she goes all sana, sana colita on your boo boos.

sana colita meme

I don’t care how old you are, when you get hurt and your mom starts chanting “sana, sana colita…” the pain disappears.

When she’s so mad at you she curses herself.

hijo de la chingada

That is some deep shit right there. Like they could teach college courses on what it means that you made your mom so mad, she considers herself “la chingada.”

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When she shows you by example how to be self-sufficient.

When you ask Hispanic Mother’s if they “Need Help” #Compras #TeamLeJuan

A video posted by LeJuan James (@lejuanjames) on

So there’s some guilt involved, but whatever.

When she turns mole into water glasses.

Mole glasses

If that’s not some kind of miracle right there.

When all she has to do to win an argument is pull rank on you.

porque soy tu madre

She’s right. She’s your mother. Period.

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