Someone Found Old Footage of Oscar Isaac Playing in a Ska Punk Band

You’ve seen Oscar Isaac as a kick-ass pilot in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Credit: Lucasfilm / Disney

And if you haven’t, get to it before someone spoils it for you.

But did you know IRL, he’s a kick-ass musician? We got a little glimpse of it in the movie Inside Llewyn Davis

Credit: CBSFilms / YouTube

Not bad, right?

If you want to see more of Isaac’s musical chops, there’s some old footage floating around featuring Isaac playing bass in a punk-ska band called The Worms.


Yeah, he’s the spunky dude in the tank top and suspenders.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.06.03 PM
Credit: TheWormsSka / YouTube

Once you watch the footage, you’ll instantly notice a scene-stealer. This guy:


Yeah, looks like someone’s dad had too much to drink.


And, yes, that’s a tie wrapped around his forehead.

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And he definitely made it awkward. No one wants to skank to the music. Way to ruin everyone’s fun, dad!


But dad shows no signs of slowing down…


So the audience just gets to skankin’ along with him.


Anyways, back to our pal Oscar Isaac. Here’s the full video:

Credit: TheWormsSka / YouTube

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Latina Moms Never Mean What They Say


Latina Moms Never Mean What They Say

Moms are hard to get…and even harder to understand. It took you 20-something years to decipher her subliminal messages, only to realize she changes them at any given time without previous notice. Fun, right? Not. To help you, we’ve created this “things mami says” translator.

Mom says: “I want you back by 10.”


She means: “If you are a minute late I’ll be aiming at you with la chancla.”

Mom says: “Esto no es un hotel.”


She means: “If you are so eager to sleep in other beds, I’ll help you pack…all of your belongings.”

Mom says: “I’ll think about it”.


She means: “No.”

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Mom says: “What the hell were you thinking?”


She means: “No puedo creer la pendejada que acabas de hacer.”

Mom says: “I never got into trouble when I was in school.”

giphy (1)

She means: “I was too smart to get caught, loser.”

Mom says: “Would you like to come over for dinner Sunday night?”


She means: “You are coming for dinner Sunday night. You are going to dress appropriately and show up on time.”

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Mom says: “McDonald’s is fattening.”

giphy (2)

She means: “I spent too much time refrying those beans at home. You better eat them.”

Mom says: “Because I say so.”

giphy (3)

She means: “I can’t think of another valid reason.”

Mom says: “Are you on Facebook?”


She means: “I’m adding you and will check up on you on a regular basis.”

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Mom says: “¿Dónde está el suéter?”


She means: “You’re wearing close to nothing. Cover up.”

Mom says: “Limpia tu cuarto por el amor de Dios.”


She means: “How can someone accumulate so much crap?”

Mom says: “I love you.”


She means: “And you have no idea just HOW much.”

What are mom sayings you finally deciphered? Let us know and don’t forget to click the share button below!

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