Soon, Eating A Corn Tortilla Won’t Just Be Yummy, It’ll Be Healthy

After years of research, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will allow companies to add folic acid to corn tortillas. Folic acid is essential during the first month of a pregnancy because it helps prevent birth defects. Since the 1990s, it has been added to the grains we eat, but this latest push to add it to tortillas is a shoutout to the Mexican-American community specifically.

There’s no question that the tortilla is the ultimate Mexican food staple.

It’s used for everything,  from tacos to enchiladas to even holding butter when you’re low on cash.

And they have proven to be so useful that astronauts use them to eat without making a mess.

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But now, they are finally going to be used to better the health of babies all around the country.

That corn tortilla you are holding in your hand right now (we assume) will soon have folic acid.

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Seven years ago, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a study claiming that by simply adding folic acid to corn tortillas could help prevent birth defects within the Mexican-American community.

It might sound super lame, but this is big news for pregnant Mexican-American women. Adding this vitamin to a staple food can help prevent spina bifida, a pretty major birth defect.

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Spina bifida causes the spine  to never completely and properly form, leaving the baby with a huge cyst on the lower back filled with spinal cord and spinal fluid. Most spina bifida cases, which happen within the first month of pregnancy, can be resolved by surgically removing the cyst. In some cases, however, lifelong treatment is required.

So, why are they adding folic acid to the tortilla? Literally to help Mexican-American women.

Credit: La Bamba / Columbia Pictures / sinverguenza / Tumblr

The March of Dimes filed a petition in 2012 urging the FDA to add folic acid to corn tortillas because Mexican-Americans have the highest number of spina bifida cases when compared to the white and black communities. It worked.

Folic acid is a B vitamin that your body needs for cell growth and development.

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You can find it in leafy greens, liver and kidneys. You can also consume it via grains (bread, instant oatmeal or pasta) that have the word “enriched” on the packaging. These are fortified with folic acid.

Since the 1990s, the US has been adding folic acid to grains but the tortilla was not that popular back then.

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“There is no question that Hispanic women are having babies with spina bifida and anencephaly because the FDA isn’t putting folic acid in the flour,” Dr. Godfrey Oakley, a former director of the birth-defects division at the CDC, told Yakima Herald.

In a press release, the FDA gave tortilla manufacturers the green light to start adding folic acid immediately. ?

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“Increased consumption of folic acid in enriched flour has been helpful in reducing the incidence of neural tube defects in the general population,”Susan Mayne, Ph.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, said in the statement. “Our analysis shows that adding folic acid to corn masa flour will help increase the consumption of folic acid by women who consume this flour as a staple in their diet.”

So there you have it, folks. Tortillas are tasty AF, and soon they’ll also prevent birth defects!

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A Mexican Artist Is Making Pancake Art That’s Too Beautiful To Eat


A Mexican Artist Is Making Pancake Art That’s Too Beautiful To Eat

Social media is where people can show off just about anything they create. This includes art in any and all media, like pancake art. Claudia, the creator behind Nappan Pancake art, is the latest artist watching their art reach the masses.

Claudia, the artist behind Nappan Pancake art, got her start because of the pandemic.


casi ✨1 año✨haciendo #pancakeart 🥞 #parati #foryou #viral #trend #glowup #art #foryoupage

♬ Inox la bggg – ᗰᗩᖇIE ᗰOI ᑎᗩᖇᑌTO

The artist first started to play around with pancake art last spring break when the pandemic forced businesses and schools to close. Claudia wanted to get more creative with her kids’ breakfasts since they were now always at home.

“I started experimenting with making Pancake art,” Claudia recalls to mitú. “At first I only used the color of the natural dough and a little cocoa. At first, I just used the ketchup dispensers and little by little I learned.”

Claudia uses her pancake art to honor some truly iconic people.


Responder a @detodoun_poco233 Cepillín ✨🥞✨ en nuestros ♥️ #parati #fy #HijosAdopTiktoks #adoptiktoks #viral #foryou @cepillintv #pancakeart ncakeart

♬ La Feria de Cepillin – Cepillín

Cepillín recently died and the loss was felt throughout the community. He made our lives joyous and fun with his music, especially his birthday song. Some of the creations are done for fans who request to see their faves turned into delicious pancake art.

The artist loves creating the edible works of art.

The journey of becoming a pancake artist has been a fun adventure for Claudia and her children. The more she has practiced, the more she has been able to do.

“Sometimes I scream with excitement and I go to all the members of my house to see it,” Claudia says about her successes. “Other times it’s just a feeling like “disappointment could be better” other times it just breaks or burns and then I just cry but it usually feels very satisfying.”

You can check out all of her creations on TikTok.


Responder a @reyna100804santoyo siii🥞✨ díganle que me adopte 🥺 @ederbez #adoptiktoks #hijosadoptiktoks #parati #foryou #viral #fy #art #pancakeart

♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

With 350,000 followers and growing, it won’t be long until more people start to fully enjoy Claudia’s art. Her children can’t get enough of it and she is so excited to share it with the rest of the world.

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Viral Video Of Overworked Texas Dominos Workers Burdened By Snow Storm Goes Viral

Things That Matter

Viral Video Of Overworked Texas Dominos Workers Burdened By Snow Storm Goes Viral

Texas’s current power crisis from a devastating storm has disrupted power generation and frozen natural gas pipelines. The is historic storm has driven electric demand higher than the state has ever seen, but it’s not just electric energy being overextended as a result. It’s physical and mental human energy as well.

Recently, an image of two exhausted Domino’s Pizza workers went viral for showing the extreme exhaustion workers are experiencing.

In a post shared to News4sanantonio.com’s Chime In page a user by the name of July DeLuna explained “This Dominos in San Antonio. Working during this crisis. They had a weekend worth of food and it was gone within 4 hours. This team helped those that needed help. These are the essential workers that need recognition. They were the only pizza place open. Every pizza place was closed but dominos stayed open to help those in need.”

Little else is known about the exhausted workers in the viral image but it did rack up over 8K comments within hours of being posted.

“Dominoes better pay them for the shifts they’ll miss while they don’t have any ingredients. With this practical free advertising it’s the least they could do. Otherwise these kind people worked themselves out of already bad hourly pay,” one user commented.

“,As someone who works in the food service industry, the thought of selling out of all product in only four hours and how much work goes in to preparing that much food is unfathomable levels of nightmare fuel,” another noted.

In another response to the image, a Reddit user wrote “I cannot express to you how upsetting it is to be the only food source open during hard times, to still be open and show up to do your job with higher than normal levels of orders, and still get yelled at by management for not having orders out within a window of time.”

Images of overworked and stressed is nothing new of course.

Fast-food workers are often burdened by their field’s daily challenges. In 2020, food industry workers are being forced to endure customer abuse at even higher rates. Last year a TikTok video of a Subway restaurant falling asleep while in the middle of making a sandwich went viral.

“This is actually really sad. I can’t imagine how underslept she is. Not to mention the wage people get paid at Subway… She deserves better,” one TikTok user by the name of Monique Emilia commented at the time. The skincare influencer Hyram also commented writing “Poor thing… Can’t imagine how underslept she is, we’re too hard on service workers.”

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